Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

MW2005 will feature a variety of sessions exploring all aspects of the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of Web sites in museums, cultural and heritage organizations.

Sessions are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program. For more information about session types, consult the Presentation Formats.

Thursday April 14, 2005

9:15 AM-
10:15 AM

Opening Plenary

Chair: Jennifer Trant

Opportunities for Museums in the Knowledge Society

Eileen Sarkar, Canada

Enhancing The Heritage Experience

Namir Anani, Canada

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM

Finding Stuff

Chair: Lee Iverson

New Ways To Search, Navigate And Use Multimedia Museum Collections over the Web

Fabrizio Giorgini, Italy, Matthew Addis, Paul Lewis, Kirk Martinez, James Stevenson, United Kingdom

Search Engines and On-line Museum Access on the Web

Silvia Filippini Fantoni, Italy, Jonathan Bowen,

Teresa Numerico, United Kingdom

Of Ansel and Atomz: Surfacing Deep Content On-line and On-Site at SFMOMA

Tana Johnson, Dana Mitroff, Peter Samis, USA

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM

Learning On-line and On-Site

Chair: Liddy Nevile

Telling an Old Story in a New Way: Raid on Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704

Juliet Jacobson, Lynne Spichiger, USA

Adding Value To On-line Collections For Different Audiences

Stephen Brown, David Gerrard, Helen Ward, United Kingdom

Using Mobile Devices to Help Teachers and Students during a Visit to a Museum

Ana Clair Bertoletti, Patrick Calvetti, Maurício Girardi, Adriano Gonella, Melina Herrmann, Márcio Pinho, Milene Silveira, Brazil

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM
Technology + Tools

Publication Models

Chair: Susan Chun

1-800-FOR-TOUR: Delivering Automated Audio Information through Patron's Cell Phones

Matthew Nickerson, USA

Science Bulletins: Cross-media Publishing of Current Science Stories

Steve Gano, Ro Kinzler, Vivian Trakinski, USA

The 24 Hour Museum Tunable RSS News Feed

Jonathan Pratty, United Kingdom

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM

Education Projects

Chair: Jim Wehmeyer

The Localized Learner: Acknowledging Distance And Situatedness In On-Line Museum Learning

Nadia Arbach, Ross Parry, United Kingdom

Leveling the Playing Field: Empowering Learners with Primary Sources

Petar Bojkov, Cynthia Copeland, David Ellis, Gavin Lee Foster, Ray Shah, USA

Learning Styles and On-line Interactives

Steven Allison-Bunnell, Minda Borun, David Schaller, USA

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM
Technology + Tools


Chair: Edward Rodley

Culture Around The Corner And Its Location-Based Application

Martijn Arts, Sophie Schoonhoven, The Netherlands

MoMo: A Hybrid Museum Infrastructure

Vicente Bosch Campos, Jose Miguel Esteve Ferrandis, Javier Jaén, Jose A. Mocholí, Spain

Museum As Ecology: A Case Study Analysis Of An Ambient Intelligent Museum Guide

Dale Evernden, Ron Wakkary, Canada

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM

Interface Design

Chair: Stefan Göbel

Media Stories: An Integrative Storytelling In Physical And Virtual Spaces

Otmar Moritsch, Austria

Deriving Meaning From Specimens: Making Zoological Data Available On The Web

Basil Dewhurst, Elycia Wallis, Australia,

Alan Brooks, Canada

Expanding the Knowledge Base Managing Extended Knowledge at the National Museum of the American Indian

Michael Vulpe, Canada, Jane Sledge, USA

3:30 PM-
5:00 PM
Technology + Tools

Broadband and Beyond

Chair: Leonard Steinbach

Curating for Broadband

Tilly Blyth, United Kingdom

Cross Media: When the Web Doesn't Go Alone

Stefania Boiano, Giuliano Gaia, Francesca Pasquali, Italy

3:30 PM-
5:00 PM

Introducing Pachyderm

Chair: Ted Bairstow

Taking Teaching by the Tusks: Introducing Pachyderm 2.0

Larry Johnson, Peter Samis, USA

Shaping Pachyderm 2.0 with User Requirements

Deborah Howes, Wendy Shapiro, Rachel Smith, Holly Witchey, USA

Architecting the Elephant: Software Architecture and User Interface Design for Pachyderm 2.0

D'Arcy Norman, Tim Wang, Canada, Joshua Archer, Tom Hapgood, Michelle LaMar, USA

3:30 PM-
5:00 PM

Pre + Post Visit

chair: Paul Marty

Using Museum Web Sites to Change Visitors' Real-World Behaviour

Brad Larson, Paula Sincero, USA

Actual/Virtual Visits: what are the links?

Sheila Carey, Wendy A. Thomas, Canada

Cultural Visit Memory: The Visite+ System Personalization and Cultural Visit Tracking Site

Roland Topalian, France

The Extended Museum Visit: Documenting and Exhibiting Post-Visit Experiences

Emmanuel Frécon, Gustav Taxen, Sweden

Friday April 15, 2005

All day


Different kinds of focused sessions run all day Friday.

4:30 PM-
5:30 PM

Best of the Web Awards

Saturday April 16, 2005

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM


Chair: Jim Devine

3-D Worlds and Cultural Heritage: Realism vs Virtual Presence

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini, Italy, Evelyne Gobbo, Switzerland

Recontextualizing the Collection: Virtual Reconstruction, Replacement, and Repatriation

John Tolva, USA

Place-Based Storytelling Tools: A New Look at Monticello

Brad Johnson, USA

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM


Chair: Kati Geber

DigiCulture, A Study In User Behaviours With Digital Cultural Materials In Contemporary Art

Pierrette Bergeron, Suzanne Bertrand-Gastaldy, Michelle Gauthier, Stephanie Pouchot, James Turner, Canada

Hands-On versus On-Line: Evaluating MarsQuest On-line

Paul Dusenbery, James Harold, Randi Korn, Christopher Randall, USA

Whither the Web: Professionalism and Practices for the Changing Museum

Michael Haley Goldman, Kate Haley Goldman, USA

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM

User Content: Projects

Chair: Ann Stevenson

Digitisation of Community Indigenous Knowledge in Developing Countries: A Strategy for Uganda

Elisam Magara, Uganda

Identity and Representation: Social Justice and Community Building Through The Museums Of The Person

Rosali Henriques, Karen Worcman, Brazil, Jean-François LeClerc, Canada, Jorge Gustavo Rocha, Portugal, Thom Gillespie, Philip B. Stafford, USA

Democratize and distribute: achieving a many-to-many content model

Rachel Coldicutt, Katie Streten, United Kingdom

Project Naming: Always on Our Minds

Beth Greenhorn, Canada

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM


Chair: Kris Morrissey

The Accessibility Of Museum Web Sites: Results From An English Audit And International Comparisons

Neil King, Helen Petrie, Marcus Weisen, United Kingdom

Providing Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Visitors With On-Demand, Independent Access To Museum Information and Interpretation Through Handheld Computers

Nancy Proctor, United Kingdom

Let's go mobile! Design issues in multichannel "accessible" applications for cultural heritage

Sebastiano Colazzo, Franca Garzotto, Paolo Paolini, Italy

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM

New Media / Art

Chair: Bruce Wyman

Researching and presenting a history of new media: Ten years of the Banff New Media Institute

Sarah Cook, United Kingdom

Taxonomies Of New Media Art – Real World Namings

Beryl Graham, United Kingdom

Participation, Flow, and the Redistribution of Authorship: The Challenges of Collaborative Exchange and New Media Curatorial Practice

Sara Diamond, Canada

Using the Web to Support and Document New Media Collaboration

J. Karen Parker, Canada

1:30 PM-
3:00 PM

User Content: Tools

Chair: Darren Peacock

Interpretation and Personalisation: Enriching Individual Experience by Annotating On-line Materials

Behzad Kateli, Liddy Nevile, Australia

Attraction by Interaction: Wiki Webs As A Way To Increase The Attractiveness Of Museums' Web Sites

Michael Herczeg, Peter Hoffmann, Germany

Getting The Most Out Of Our Users OR The Science Museum Lab: How The Dana Centre Lets Us Play

Mike Ellis, Dan Evans, Dave Patten, United Kingdom

3:30 PM-
5:00 PM

Closing Plenary

Chair: David Bearman

Converging Content

Ian Wilson, Canada