Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

John Tolva

Creative Director/Program Manager
IBM Corporation
One IBM Plaza
330 N. Wabash Ave.
Chicago IL
60611 USA

John Tolva is a Program Manager for Digital Culture Projects in the IBM Corporation. He has been involved in Digital Media projects since joining IBM seven years ago as a producer in the events webcasting group out of Atlanta. He produced the live webcasts for the US Open, Ryder Cup, GRAMMY Awards, Wimbledon, and the Sydney Olympics. Since his work on the award-winning Hermitage Museum project in 1999, Mr. Tolva has primarily been involved in cultural applications of technology, particularly digitization, content management, and multimedia design. Recently he led the team that launched the three-year, multi-million dollar Eternal Egypt Project, a partnership between IBM and the Egyptian Government. Mr. Tolva holds a Masters in Information Design and Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Masters in English Literature from Washington University.

John will present Recontextualizing the Collection: Virtual Reconstruction, Replacement, and Repatriation.