Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

Fabrizio Giorgini

R&D Area Manager
Giunti Interactive Labs
The X Learning Company
Baia del Silenzio
Abbazia dell'Annunziata Sestri Levante
16039 Italy

Fabrizio Giorgini has taken a degree in Electronic Engineering in 1997 at University of Genoa, Italy. Since February 2001 he is Ph-D in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. At the present time he is R&D Area Manager at GIUNTI Interactive Labs S.r.l. where his main activities are multimedia publishing, authoring and visualization 3D and advanced technology (RFID, mobile, wearable computer) and standards (IMS, ADL SCORM) for e-learning. He is also a contributing member of IMS Global Learning Consortium. He has participated, as Project Manager, in several national and European projects (e.g. TARGET HC1049, CEMUVIS AVS-TTN, STRETCH Esprit 24977, ARTISTE IST_1999_11978, JUST IST_1999_12581, I-MASS IST-1999-20878, ARCO IST-2000-28336). He is currently involved, as EC Project Manager, in the EPICC project (ePortfolio Management System) and Polymnia project (video content-base analysis, expert systems). Giorgini is also the Project Coordinator of the IST project SCULPTEUR (semantic web and content-based analysis applied to multimedia digital libraries). He is author or co-author of numerous papers in international conference proceedings.

Fabrizio will present New Ways To Search, Navigate And Use Multimedia Museum Collections over the Web.