Museums and the Web 2005
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See museum applications demonstrated by the people who created them.

Museums and the Web 2005 will feature a Museum Professionals Demonstration Hall on the morning of April 16, 2005 . In this session, museum staff will be able to show work created in a non-profit environment, and explain the workings behind it to their colleagues.

Saturday April 16, 2005

8:00 AM-
9:30 AM

Demonstrations - Session 1

Archival Resources in the Classroom: Letters from the Trunk

Collene Armstrong, Michael Gourlie, Canada

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History

Teresa Lai, USA

Artventure: A collector's challenge

Melanie Brown, Canada

Journeys & Transformations- British Columbia Landscapes

Grant Hughes, Julie Zilber, Canada

Teaching the Arts Online Newsletter

Willy Lee, Cori Wulf, USA

A Journey to a New Land

Ivana Filipovich, Barbara Winter, Canada

Gambling: Calculating The Risk - developing a controversial educational web interactive

Sebastian Chan, Australia

The Space Weather Center

Paul Dusenbery, James Harold, USA - The Digital Diaspora and a New Cultural Aesthetic

Reesa Greenberg, Shelley Hornstein, Canada

Revealing Hidden Content: How the V&A web site has been transformed to help our visitors find what they want

Mark Hook, United Kingdom

Saint Mary's University Oral History Project

Hansel Cook, Canada

Historica Youthlinks

Scott Anderson, Canada

Creating a Classroom for Democracy

David Clark, Scott Roley, USA

MoliNet: Museum and Library Objects in the Classroom

Kirsten Stiehm, USA

Making Local History Live

Jonathan Pratty, United Kingdom

Education On-line: Art Explorer and Science, Art & Technology: The Art Institute of Chicago

Erin Hersher, USA

Bringing Collections On-line for Children: Using Front-End Research to Develop an Interface

Beth Alberty, Jill Fruchter, USA

Navigation in the Age of Exploration

Christina DePaolo, USA

Designing Tools to Extend and Leverage an On-line Collection Project

Allegra Burnette, USA

The Virtual Lightbox for Museums and Archives: A Portlet Solution for Structured Data Reuse Across Distributed Visual Resources

Brian Fuchs, Germany, Leif Isaksen, Amy Smith, United Kingdom

The Latin American Museums and the Internet: The Experience of ILAM

Christina Tsagaraki, Costa Rica

100 Catalogues On-line or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Stephen Topfer, Canada

Ghosts at the Museum

Jules Morissette, Canada

VPAG: Web Site on a Shoestring

Janis Novosel, Canada

Ontario Museum Association Web site redesign

Sarah Palmer, Canada

The Evolution of a New Web Site for the Vancouver Maritime Museum

Lisa McIntosh, Debbie Tardiff, Canada

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM

Demonstrations - Session 2

Arctic Peoples and Archaeology CD-ROM

Collene Armstrong,

Lynn Peplinski, Canada

Introduction to Nunavut

Ericka Chemko, Canada

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Web site relaunched

Peter Gorgels, The Netherlands

The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2004

Carl Goodman, USA

Beyond The Clearinghouse: How Standards Mapping, Evaluation, and Technology Bridged the Curriculum Gap

Sonja Hyde-Moyer, USA - An On-line Database of Fieldtrip Opportunities

Maggie Kilian, Lisa McIntosh, Jamie Purves, Krista Tulloch, Canada

Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwrecks of Vancouver Island

David Alexander, Jonathan Lathigee, Canada

Multi-purposing Museum Media: Quilt Treasures Oral History and Documentary Web Portraits

Marsha MacDowell, Justine Richardson, USA

Creating On-line Educational Resources by Recycling Exhibition Content at the North Carolina Museum of History

Elizabeth Crist, USA


Gabriela Salgado, Yi Shuai, United Kingdom

Synchrotext: A Tool for Curating and Publishing Media Content

Peter Seitel, USA

Impacting and Inspiring Communities

Kristopher Barks, USA

Reconstructing and Presenting Bernini's Borghese Sculptures

Manfred Bogen, Roland Kuck, Germany

Education for Sustainable Development: K-12 Resources

Víctor Bedoy-Velazquez, Hermila Brito-Palacios, Ana-Isabel Ramirez-Quintana Carr, Donald Wayne Carr, Alejandro Valenzuela, Mexico

National Gallery of Victoria Multimedia: On-site and On-line

Helen Page, Australia

Re-presenting Data: CCA's Collections Online

Elspeth Cowell, Dirk De Meyer, Canada

Discovering Buddhist Art: Seeking the Sublime

Christina DePaolo, USA

Building the New MoMA: A Digital Guide

Allegra Burnette, USA

The USS Monitor Center Web Site

Chris DallaVilla, Anna Holloway, Justin Lyons, USA

MZTV Museum Web Aite

Michael Adams, Canada

Lakota Winter Counts

Robert Leopold, USA

The Global Performing Arts Database

Ann Ferguson, USA

Explore Tate Britain

Sarah Tinsley, United Kingdom

Accessibility for the Midsize Museum: concept building for a Virtual Museum Project

Farrah Rooney, Canada

The Gloves are Coming Off!

Bruce Thomson, Canada

Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare

Anne Botman, Canada

Weblogs, On-line Forums and RSS - How a Small Garden Engages a Global Community

Daniel Mosquin, Canada

History of a little community

Line Bouffard, Canada

Kamloops Art Gallery

Beverley Clayton, Canada

The Atlanta History Center

Hillary Hardwick, Casey Steadman, USA