Museums and the Web 2005
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Experienced professionals offer in-depth training at pre-conference workshops. Explore topics at an advanced or elementary level.

On April 13, 2005 (the day before the conference program begins), full- and half-day workshops will be given by leaders in the museum computing field. Topics are both theoretical and practical, offering a focused way to build your skills. Whether you are just beginning or are well advanced in your use of the Web, you will find a workshop to further your professional development.

Workshop presenters are experienced professionals with valuable insights to share.

Workshops are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program.

Wednesday April 13, 2005

9:00 AM-
5:00 PM


Full Day Workshops

Successful On-line Learning Interactives

Steven Allison-Bunnell, David Schaller, USA

The Working Workshop: FREE but you have to work

Willy Lee, USA

Hands on Usability and User Testing

Paul Marty, Michael Twidale, USA

XML ? Creating a Data Repository with Presentation Formats

Richard Morgan, USA

Content Management Essentials

John O'Brien, Darren Peacock, Australia

9:00 AM-
12:30 PM


Morning Workshops

Introducing Advanced Learning Paradigms for 3D Environments

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini, Caterina Poggi, Italy

Constructing Learning Objects

Brian Lamb, Canada

Standards: the Benefits of Web Standards for You and Visitors to Your Site

Ted Drake, Brian Rountree, USA

1:30 PM-
5:00 PM


Afternoon Workshops

Evaluation of Educational Benefits in Advanced 3-D Learning Environments

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini, Caterina Poggi, Italy

Making Museum Web Sites Accessible

Jonathan Bowen, United Kingdom

Easy to Use, Inexpensive On-line Presentation Tools for Museum Educators (and others on a budget)

Matthew Fisher, Dan Kuetemeyer, Juan Leon, USA