Museums and the Web 2005
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Speakers from around the world present their latest work at MW2005.

D'Arcy Norman

Software Developer
University of Calgary
Learning Commons
University of Calgary BI 525
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary AB
T2N 1N4 Canada

D'Arcy Norman is a software developer at the Learning Commons, The University of Calgary. He has been working on learning object-related projects for almost a decade (since long before they were called "learning objects"). D'Arcy was involved with the development of the CAREO (Campus Alberta Repository of Educational Objects) learning object repository, and has had the (mis)fortune of designing and implementing two separate learning management systems. Current projects include Pachyderm and APOLLO, along with a myriad of smaller projects all vying for attention. He is the proud father of a renegade 2 year old boy, who dutifully puts things into perspective for his dad. D'Arcy keeps a weblog at

D'Arcy will present Architecting the Elephant: Software Architecture and User Interface Design for Pachyderm 2.0.