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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License


Speakers from around the world will present their latest work

MW2004 will feature a variety of sessions exploring all aspects of the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of Web sites in museums, cultural and heritage organizations.

Sessions are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program.

Thursday April 01, 2004
9:30 AM-
11:00 AM


Opening Plenary

Designing With Web Standards
Jeffrey Zeldman, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Education Projects

Digital Storytelling at the National Gallery of Art
Julia Borst Brazas, Sara Kajder, Julie Springer, USA

One Wright Way: From Collections to Classrooms
Karen Elinich, USA

Presenting the Evidence: Scottish Museums and e-learning
James Devine, Emma Gibson, Michelle Kane, Scotland

A Scalable, Modular Framework for Publishing Museum Educational Materials
Steve Gano, Ro Kinzler, Drew Koning, Monica Philippo, Matt Tarr, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Exhibition Projects

Burarra Gathering: Sharing Indigenous Knowledge
Geoffrey Crane, Australia

Virtual vs. Physical: Creating online educational experiences through design
Anne Kaye, Paola Poletto, Canada

For All the World to Share: Developing and Implementing Accessible Web Sites
Julie Beeler, Helen Garton, John Slatin, Patricia Tuohy, USA

Bringing Mars Home: the MarsQuest Online Project
Paul Dusenbery, James Harold, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM



Personalization and the Web from a Museum Perspective
Silvia Filippini Fantoni, France, Jonathan Bowen, United Kingdom

Interactive Audio Content: An Approach to Audio Content for a Dynamic Museum Experience through Augmented Audio Reality and Adaptive Information Retrieval
Milena Droumeva, Dale Evernden, Marek Hatala, Kenneth Newby, Ron Wakkary, Canada

Rich Experiences for All Participants
Sophie Lissonnet, , Liddy Nevile, Australia, Jutta Treviranus, Canada

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Interfaces for Presentation

Beyond Online Collections: Putting objects to work
Brad Johnson, USA

Experience, Learning, and Research: Coordinating the Multiple Roles of On-line Exhibitions
Bart Marable, USA

Edutainment Environments. A Field report on DinoHunter: Technologies, methods and evaluation results
Axel Feix, Stefan Göbel, Kerstin Osswald, Sebastian Sauer, Rene Zumack, Germany

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Metadata and Beyond

Finnish Museums on the Semantic Web: The User’s Perspective on MuseumFinland
Eero Hyvönen, Miikka Junnila, Suvi Kettula, Eetu Makela, Samppa Saarela, Mirva Salminen, Ahti Syreeni, Arttu Valo, Kim Viljanen, Finland

Museum metadata in a consortial environment
Katherine Wisser, USA

Searching For Meaning, Not Just Records
John Doolan, Derek Ellis, Darren Peacock, Australia

The Little Search Engine that Could: How an Online Database is Paving the Way for Enhanced Access to Research Collections
Janine Andrews, Frannie Blondheim, Victor Gratnicki, Pauline Rennick, Jim Whittome, Canada

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Museum Education and the Classroom

Northern Journeys: Infrastructure Design
Terry Dickey, Roger Topp, USA

Chicago WebDocent: Bringing Museums to the Digital Classroom - On-line Content Management and Presentation System (CMAP)
Julia Borst Brazas, Benjamin Lorch, Sean York, USA

Making Web Sites for Young Audiences
Allegra Burnette, Deborah Schwartz, USA

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Managing Web Development

One Site Fits All: Balancing Priorities At Tate Online
Jemima Rellie, United Kingdom

Building and Growing Your Web Site Using The Team Approach
Brian Bergeron, Susan Steinway, USA

Pictures and People: Distributed Query Database Collaboration
Roger Bruce, Edward Earle, USA

Bits & Bolts to Bits & Bytes: The Quilt Index Online Repository and Distributed Archival Management System
Michael Fegan, Mark Kornbluh, Marsha MacDowell, Dean Rehberger, Justine Richardson, USA

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Professional Training

The Changing Role of the Museum Webmaster: Past, Present, and Future
Paul Marty, USA

Designing the user experience: an evolving collaboration for research and development
Mukti Bawa, Marie Jefsioutine, United Kingdom

Collaborative Teaching & Learning Between Continents: A case study
Riikka Haapalainen, Marjo Mäenpää, Finland, Slavko Milekic, USA

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM



XML Coding Of Dramatic Structure For Visualization
Gabriele Scali, Italy, Graham Howard, United Kingdom

Expanding the storyline
Peter Hoffmann, Germany

Influences of Concepts and Structure of Documentary Cinema
Melahat Hosseini, Ron Wakkary, Canada

The Gernsback Machine: Towards a Museum of Possible Futures and Probable Pasts
Valerie Hobbs, Diarmuid Pigott, Marjolein Towler, Australia


Friday April 02, 2004
All Day


All kinds of interactive sessions run throughout the day.

5:30 PM-
6:30 PM


Best of the Web Awards

Nominate your favourite site!


Saturday April 03, 2004
8:30 AM-
10:00 AM


Demonstrations - Session 1

See the full list of demonstrators and sites

10:00 AM-
11:30 AM


Demonstrations - Session 2

See the full list of demonstrators and sites

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Evaluation Methods

We’re Building It, Will They Use It? The MOAC II Evaluation Project
Robin Chandler, Anne Gilliland-Swetland, Layna White, USA

Evaluating Context-Aware Mobile Applications In Museums: Experiences from the MUSE Project
Stefania Galasso, Franca Garzotto, Maurizio Malavasi, Rossana Muzii, Giuseppe Raffa, Luca Roffia, Tullio Salmon Cinotti, Viviana Varlese, Italy

User evaluation: sharing expertise to build shared values
John Perkins, Canada, David Dawson, Alice Grant, Paul Miller, United Kingdom

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM



The Blanton iTour - An Interactive Handheld Museum Guide Experiment
Anne M. Manning, Glenda L. Sims, USA

Multimedia Handhelds: One Device Many Audiences
Chris Tellis, USA

Multimedia Tour Programme at Tate Modern
Gillian Wilson, United Kingdom

Renwick Hand Held Education Project
Claire Larkin, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Virtual / Physical

Memory and Territory: New Forms of Virtuality for the Museum
Elisa Giaccardi, USA

Exploiting Historic Collections On-line
Mike McConnell, Iain Middleton, United Kingdom

The King's Kunstkammer: Presenting Systems of Knowledge on the Web
Bente Gundestrup, Tine Wanning, Denmark

From Virtually Impossible to the Virtual: Building a Dream Exhibition
Kirk Alexander, Janet Temos, USA

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Evaluation Findings

If We Build It, Will They Come? A Year of Testing Distance Learning Using the Web
Christine Vitto, USA

What Clicked? A Report on Audience Research and Media Resources
Diane L. Herman, Kate Johnson, James Ockuly, USA

Exploring Motivational Factors and Visitor Satisfaction in On-line Museum Visits
Kate Haley Goldman, David Schaller, USA

Developing Meaningful On-line Exhibitions: Cloth & Clay, Communicating Culture
John Dalrymple, Roxane Shaughnessy, Barbara Soren, Diane Wolfe, Canada

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


User-Created Content

Learning from Amazon and eBay: User-generated Material for Museum Web Sites
Gail Durbin, United Kingdom

Digitising African Oral Narratives In A Global Arena
Renate Meyer, South Africa

Visitor Interactivity Becomes Museum Exhibit
Billie Jones, USA

Key Ingredients: How the Smithsonian Built an Interactive Web Site for 150 Small Museums
Chuck Barger, Rozanna Sokolowski, USA

4:00 PM-
5:00 PM


Closing Plenary

Making Sense of Modern Art at Five
Peter Samis, USA