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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0  License



Dale Evernden
Simon Fraser University
2400 Central City
10153 King George Highway
Surrey BC
V3T 2W1 Canada

Dale Evernden is a graduate student, interaction designer, and research assistant studying to complete a Masters of Applied Science at Simon Fraser University. In 2003 he completed an undergraduate degree in Interactive Arts at SFU. Research interests include experience design methods, interaction design, “Joy of Use”, and product-service systems with in the mobile context. Current work in research includes contributions to two funded projects at Simon Fraser University. His work on Managing e-Loyalty through Experience Design (a 3 year project funded by the SSHRC) is focused on building a better understand of the role strategic design plays in building loyalty across e-commerce and m-commerce markets. Project ec(h)o, a joint project between SFU and the Canadian Museum of Nature is funded by CANARIE. His involvement here has been in an interaction design context—specifically, the research, design and development of an audio based augmented reality system for museum spaces. Personal projects of significance include; Voracity, a location based multi-player gaming platform designed for Third Generation (3G) Cellular Phones; and M-wallet, a product-service prototype designed to manage and support the real-time preventative medical needs of the elderly. He has worked as a User Experience Designer for the Corel Corporation, where his focus was on interface design and the use of Contextual Design as a tool for developing new products for the firm. In 2001 he was an assistant researcher on the regossip project, helping design, develop, and implement a multi-modal gaming platform to support research into multi-user narratives.

Dale will present Interactive Audio Content: An Approach to Audio Content for a Dynamic Museum Experience through Augmented Audio Reality and Adaptive Information Retrieval.