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Published: March 1999.


Sessions, papers, and panels explored theory and practice at both basic and advanced levels.

For the third year in a row, speakers from around the world came to Museums and the Web to report on their activities, and explored the issues they are facing as they move museology on-line. Sessions explored the social, organizational and technical issues involved in bringing museum programs on-line.

Friday March 12, 1999

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM


Neon Paintbrush

From the Mountains of the Moon to the Neon Paintbrush: Seeing and Technology
Peter Walsh, Davis Museum and Cultural Center, USA

Dakin Hart, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM

design / development

Design and Navigation of Museum Web Sites

New Media Demands New Structures
Tanja Gompf, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Germany

A Spatial Approach for the Access, Manipulation and Publication of Digital Library Artifacts
Dion H. Goh, Texas A & M University, USA
John J. Leggett, Texas A & M University, USA

Designing Web User Interfaces Adaptable to Different Types of Use
Fabio Paterno, CNUCE - CNR, Italy
Cristiano Mancini, CNUCE-CNR, Italy

Design, Navigation and Content
Jim Spadaccini, The Exploratorium, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Diverse Perspectives on Intellectual Property in the Digital World

Copyright Obstacles to Exploiting Websites - A European View
Graham P. Cornish, The British Library, United Kingdom

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Telling Stories: Making Data Sing and Dance

Once Upon a Time: Using New Narratives in Educational Web Sites
Bart Marable, Terra Incognita Interactive Media, USA

Exploring Narrative: Telling Stories and Making Connections
Guy Hermann, Mystic Seaport Museum, USA

Telling Stories: Procedural Authorship and Compelling Museum Databases
Steve Dietz, Walker Art Center, USA

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Enabling Scholarly Research on the Web

Using Primary Data to Design Web Sites for Public and Scientific Audiences
Peter Siegel, American Museum of Natural History, USA
Nina Grigoryeva, American Museum of Natural History, USA

A Model to Support Literary Research Collections on the World Wide Web
Colleen Phelan, City University, United Kingdom
Micheline Beaulieu, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Shipwrecks on the Web: Guernsey Museum and the NAVIS Project
Alan C. Howell, Guernsey Museums & Galleries, Channel Islands

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Enhanced Student Experiences

Creating an Interactive Student Medium for Learning About the Holocaust
David Klevan, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA
Arnold Kramer, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, USA

Building and Sustaining Learning Communities
Nancy Hechinger, American Museum of Natural History, USA

Linking and Thinking - The Museum@School
Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM

design / development


A survey of characteristics and patterns of behavior in visitors to a museum Web site
John C. Chadwick, Institute for Learning Innovation, USA

Editing Program: "Web Musing": Evaluating Museums on the Web from Learning Theory to Methodology
Lynne Teather, University of Toronto, Canada
Kelly Wilhelm, University of Toronto, Canada

Design Patterns for Museum Web Sites
Franca Garzotto, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Angela Discenza, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM

design / development

Building Traffic to Your Site

Promoting a Museum Website on the Net
Giuliano Gaia, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica, Italy

If You Build It They Will Come.....Won't They? - Marketing a Web Presence
Katie Streten, Science Museum, United Kingdom

Directing Traffic to Your Website
Mark Harden, The Artchive, USA

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Community and Content

Broadening Access to Native American Collections via the Internet
Maurita Peterson Holland, University of Michigan, USA
Kari Smith, University of Michigan, USA

Connectivity, Collaboration and Culture: Challenges of African Museums on the Web
Lorna Abungu, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya
Lawrence Monda, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya
George Ombachi, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya

Museum of the Person: a Brazilian Experience of Virtual Museum.
José Santos Matos, Museu da Pessoa, Brazil
Karen Worcman, Museu da Pessoa, Brazil
Rosali Henriques, Museu da Pessoa, Brazil

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Tools for Teachers

Cultural Heritage Outreach and Museum/School Partnerships: Initiatives at the School of Information, University of Michigan
C. Olivia Frost, University Of Michigan, USA

Unlocking the Treasure Chest Using SCRAN Tools
Sandy Buchanan, Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network (SCRAN), Scotland

Helmut Stemmer, Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, Austria

5:30 PM-
6:30 PM


Best of the Web Awards

Saturday March 13, 1999

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM


After the Honeymoon: Managing a Multiple-Institution Collaboration

Panel Discussion
Scott A. Sayre, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA
Robin Dowden, Walker Art Center, USA
James Blackaby, Walker Art Center, USA
Jennifer Trant, Art Museum Image Consortium, USA

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM


Potential Funding Sources for Electronic Information Dissemination Projects in Museums

Panel Discussion on Funding Opportunities
Sarah Ridley, National Endowment for the Humanities, USA
Donald Druker, United States Department of Commerce, USA
Jeanne E. McConnell, Institute of Museum and Library Services, USA
Mary S. Carroll, National Center for Preservation Technology, USA

9:30 AM-
11:00 AM


The Virtual and the Real

Playing Exhibitions: Gaming On-line and In-gallery
Kathryn Saunders, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

The Virtual Museum of New France, a Museum That Exists Only on the Internet
Jean-Pierre Hardy, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada

The European Cycloramas - 19th Century Virtual Reality and the Internet
Niko Hofinger, Austria

Cultural Heritage Presentation in Interactive Digital Media.
James Devine, University of Glasgow, Scotland

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Curating Online: Beyond Exhibition

In Search of Meaningful Events: Curatorial Algorithms and Malleable Aesthetics
Andy C. Deck, New York University, USA

Is the Web a Communication Tool or Digital Disneyland for Art Works?
Perttu Rastas, Contemporary Art Museum, Finland

'DissemiNET' - a Prototype of a Net Based Curatorial System
Sawad Brooks, UTENSIL, USA
Beth Stryker, UTENSIL, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


IMLS Sponsored R&D Projects

Digital Image Managers for the New Millennium: A Museum / University Collaboration
Samantha Hastings, University of North Texas, USA

Museums and Libraries in the Age of the Internet: Lessons Learned from a Collaborative Website
Deborah Schwartz, Brooklyn Museum of Art, USA

Distributing a Licensed Resource to Schools and Libraries
Sonja Staum-Kuniej, Herron School of Art Library, USA

11:30 AM-
1:00 PM


Time for Renovations

Revising the Finnish National Gallery’s Web Pages
Eija Liukkonen, The Finnish National Gallery, Finland
Riikka Haapalainen, Finnish National Gallery, Finland

So We've Got a Web Site, Now What?
Edward Rodley, Museum of Science, USA

Inside the Meta Center: A Cabinet of Wonder
Sarah Kenderdine, Powerhouse Museum, Australia

The Invisible Person: an Interactive Virtual Environment at the Technisches Museum Wien
Otmar Moritsch, Technisches Museum Wien, Austria
Harald Krämer, Museumskonsulent, Austria

Time for Renovations: A Survey of Museum web Sites
Jonathan Bowen, University of Reading, United Kingdom

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Large-Scale, High-Precision Web Retrieval

Meta-Data Resource Discovery and Educational Information on the Internet:The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Project
Carrie Lowe, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology, USA

Convergence and Integration Online: The Arts and Humanities Data Service Gateway and Catalogues
Neil Beagrie, King's College London, United Kingdom

In-Line Graphic Pattern-Directed Search of Archives and Collections
Steven Kimbrough, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Garett Dworman, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Charles Patch, Historic New Orleans Collection, USA

2:00 PM-
3:30 PM


Webcasting Opportunities for Museums

Live Web Broadcasting
Norbert Kanter, Kunst und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Germany

Noel Wanner, The Exploratorium, USA

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Academic Users of Museum Web Sites

Conceptual and Intermedia Arts Online: The Challenge of Documenting and Presenting Non-traditional Art Collections
Richard Rinehart, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Camera Lucida: AMICO in an Art History Classroom
Colleen Skidmore, University of Alberta, Canada
Sandra Dowie, University of Alberta, Canada

Art History Webmasters, As a listserv and Organization
Robert Derome, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada

4:00 PM-
5:30 PM


Shock of the View

Panel Discussion on Audiences, Artists and Museums in the Digital Age
Steve Dietz, Walker Art Center, USA
Randall Packer, San Jose Museum of Art, USA
Carl DiSalvo, Bitstream Underground, USA
Peter Walsh, Davis Museum and Cultural Center, USA
Sarah Schultz, Walker Art Gallery, USA

Sunday March 14, 1999

8:30 AM-
10:00 AM



Demonstrations 1

9:30 AM-
10:30 AM

up close


mini-workshop 1

12:00 PM-
1:30 PM



Demonstrations 2

1:00 PM-
2:00 PM

up close


mini-workshop 2

2:00 PM-
4:00 PM


Socializing Virtual Space

Cooperative Visits for Museum WWW Sites
Thimoty Barbieri, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Paolo Paolini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Paolo Loiudice, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Francesca Alonzo, Poitecnico di Milano, Italy
Giuliano Gaia, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica, Italy

Collaborative Digital Environments for Art Education / Exploration
Slavko Milekic, Hampshire College, USA

Keeping the Virtual Social
Larry Friedlander, Stanford Learning Lab, USA