March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico


MW2006 features a Museum Professionals' Demonstration Hall on the morning of March 25, 2006. Museum staff members show sites created in a non-profit environment, and explain the workings behind them to their colleagues.

Informal demonstration sessions are your chance to see many sites close-up and talk one-on-one with colleagues about their designs and the decisions that went into them. The Demonstration Hall is set up in the same manner as the Exhibit Hall. Delegates move from booth to booth for one-on-one discussion with Demonstrators.

Saturday March 25, 2006
8:00 am-
9:30 am


Taloyoak Archaeology and Oral History Project

Ericka Chemko, Canada

Dynasties - Rule by Marriage. Virtual family tree of the nine most important European royal houses

Daniel Steinbach, Germany

Explore a Kiosk for Controversial Art

Justin Kuravackal, USA

Online model for supporting artists and arts organizations

Kathleen Kvern, USA

Museum and Library Collaboration

Matthew Martin, USA

Joining Technology and Community: Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum

Mary Helen Fein, Pam Johnson, USA

Texas Bird's-Eye Views

Tim Gambell, John Robinson, Jr., USA

Collaborative Arts Resources for Education

Christopher Dye, Robin Kaplan, USA

AFRICOM: Connecting Africa's Heritage to the World

Lorna Abungu, Kenya

Beyond the On-line Museum: Participatory Virtual Exhibitions with myVirtualGallery

Jonathan Cooper, Australia

Encouraging Visitor Involvement on the V&A website

Toby Travis, United Kingdom

WAAND: Women Artists Archives National Directory

Nicole Plett, USA

Drafting a Virtual Collection: The Veterans History Project Online

Rachel Mears, Eileen Simon, USA

Digital High School Programs at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Rosanna Flouty, USA

About Smithsonian Global Sound: The Ethnographic Answer to iTunes

Amy Schriefer, USA

Visualizing Complex Datasets for a Museum Audience

Robert Stein, Lara Young, USA

Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution

Ari Davidow, USA

Churchill and the Great Republic

Irene Chambers, Betsy Nahum-Miller, USA

Science Explorations: A new multi-modal approach to authentic inquiry-based scientific learning

Tami Mount, John Yoo, USA

Teaching an Old Dinosaur New Tricks: Exploring the National Science Museum, Japan's Web site and digital contents

Hiroyuki Arita, Yumi Awano, Kiyoka Fushimi, Tetsuya Inoue, Lois Lydens, Makoto Manabe, Yasuji Saito, Kazuhiro Sakamoto, Yoshitaka Yabumoto, Hirokazu Yoshimura, Japan

Whale Chong: An Audiovisual Whaling Polyphony from the Bergen Museum, Norway

Nina Svane-Mikkelsen, Norway

White Water Shaker Village: Transitions in Time

Iara Kozan, Jose Kozan, USA

9:30 am-
11:00 am


Jewish Life in Germany 1914-2004: One Multimedia Application - Three Ways of Access

Gorch Pieken, Daniel Steinbach, Germany

Questacon - CSI: A Four Player On-line Homicide Investigation Game in a Museum Context

Geoffrey Crane, Australia

Virtual Silver Screen

Sarah Klotz, Canada

Nature of the Beast: Animals in Japanese Paintings & Prints

Julian Bermudez, Kathy Talley-Jones, USA

Harvest of History

Megan Kirkpatrick, USA

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Recent Projects

Phil Getchell, Linda Pulliam, USA

Touchscreen kiosks on the life of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz

Vivian Ducat, USA

Historic Preservation Learning Portal

Constance Ramirez, USA

smARTkids (Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago)

Melissa Holbert, USA

Etruscan Art Virtual Museum

Yunsun Chung-Shin, USA

Content Clips - Learning Activity Templates for Digital Libraries

Lois McLean, Rick Tessman, USA

The Enduring Power of Totem Poles & The West Point Web Sites

Becca Bennett, Robin Wright, USA

Alien Earths Online

Paul Dusenbery, James Harold, USA

Davis Museumcast Tour

Jim Olson, USA

Exploratorium Web Projects

Jenny Villagran, Noah Wittman, USA

Three Museums at Ghost Ranch: An Enhanced Web-Linked DVD

Cheryl Muceus, USA

A Question of Interactivity: Projects of the Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites, University of Cincinnati

Elizabeth Bartley, John Hancock, USA

The Town and Again - Images of the Urban Finland. National digitisation and content production project (2002 - 2005)

Riikka Haapalainen, Finland

Museums and Wikipedia

Jonathan Bowen, United Kingdom, Jim Angus, USA

An artwork communication system using mobile phones

Kiyoka Fushimi, Noriko Kikuchi, Kiyofumi Motoyama, Japan

Getting Archives On-line: Innovative Concepts In Interactive Content Bring To Life The Gunpowder Plot of 1605

Anra Kennedy, Jonathan Pratty, David Prior, Andrew Sawyer, United Kingdom

Backyard Animal Travel Adventure

Carrie Heeter, Hai Kyung Min, USA

Santa Fe Mercado

Alex Traube, USA