March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico


MW2006 features a variety of sessions exploring all aspects of the creation, development, maintenance and evaluation of Web sites in museums, cultural and natural heritage organizations and science centers.

Sessions are listed chronologically below, or you can see an overview of the program.

Thursday March 23, 2006
9:00 am-
10:30 am

Opening Plenary

Out of Our Mines! A Retrospective Look at Online Museum Collections-Based Leaning and Instruction (1997-2006)

Cynthia Copeland, USA

Ten Years On: Hopes, Fears, Predictions and Gambles for UK Museums On-line

Jemima Rellie, United Kingdom

From On-line Exhibits to On-line Experiences to On-line Community: Thirteen Years of Science Centers Experimenting with the Web

Robert Semper, USA

In search of the ubiquitous digital Museum - reflections of ten years of Museums and the Web

Kevin Sumption, Australia

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Education on the Web

A Multiplicity Of Voices: Encouraging and developing on-line collaborative projects for schools

Nadia Arbach, United Kingdom

Immersing Students in Research at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Dana Hutchins, Alan Lishness, USA

Interactive Educational Storytelling: The Use of Virtual Characters to Generate Teachable Moments

Matthew Fisher, Juan Leon, USA

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Blogs, Pods, and Mobiles

Mobile Phones: A new way to engage teenagers in informal science learning

Denise Bressler, USA

'Artcasting' at SFMOMA: First-Year Lessons, Future Challenges for Museum Podcasters

Stephanie Pau, Peter Samis, USA

All Weblogs Are Not Created Equal: Analyzing What Works

Daniel Mosquin, Canada

2:00 pm-
3:30 pm

On-Line + On-Site

The On-line and the On-site Holocaust Museum Exhibition as an Informational Resource

Margaret Lincoln, USA

Creating A Virtuous Circle Between A Museum's On-line And Physical Spaces

Ailsa Barry, United Kingdom

Visitor Interactions with Digitized Artifacts

Anna Lindgren-Streicher, Christine Reich, USA

2:00 pm-
3:30 pm

Participation + Personalization

Visitors' Voices

Lily Diaz-Kommonen, Mariana Salgado, Finland

Exhibit Commons: Using the Internet for a new exhibit paradigm

Wayne LaBar, USA

Preparing Personalized Multimedia Presentation for a Mobile Museum Visitors' Guide: a methodological Approach

Ya'acov Kahanov, Nadav Kashtan, Shahar Katz, Tsvi Kuflik, Israel, Ilenia Graziola, Cesare Rocchi, Oliviero Stock, Massimo Zancanaro, Italy

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm

Design Choices

Universal Design Of Computer Interactives For Museum Exhibitions

Christine Reich, USA

Page Turning: Revealing the interface issues of on-line document viewing

Karen Elinich, Paul Sparks, USA

Museum Web Sites' Interface Elements: "Do users understand them?"

Paolo Paolini, Italy, Davide Bolchini, Marco Speroni, Switzerland

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm

Marketing and Communications

Buzz and Viral Marketing as a PR Tool for Museums: A Dutch case study

Marthe deVet, The Netherlands and The Crossover

Allegra Burnette, Lyde Spann, USA

Beyond the On-line Catalogue: Using the Web to Leverage Your Collection More Effectively

Phil Getchell, USA

4:00 pm-
5:30 pm

The Web as Infrastructure

Squaring the Triangle: Implications of broadband for access, diversity and accessibility in museum Web design

Stephen Brown, David Gerrard, United Kingdom

Wireless Networking at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Ian Croxford, United Kingdom

Museum Expansions and the "Utility" of Web-based Public Information

Jim Ockuly, USA

Friday March 24, 2006
All Day


Find a group; join a discussion; learn, talk, critique.

5:00 pm-
6:30 pm

Best of the Web Awards

Best of the Web Awards Presentation

Delphin Muise, Ian Rubenzahl, Canada, Carsten Nielsen, Denmark, Marjo Maenpaa, Finland, Lawrence Monda, Kenya, Ana Carr, Mexico, Joan Nordbotten, Norway, Jim Devine, Scotland, Peter Gorgels, The Netherlands, Martin Bazley, Ann Borda, Ian Edelman, Mike Ellis, United Kingdom, Jim Angus, Pat Barbanell, Karen Bellnier, Ted Drake, Karen Elinich, David Greenfield, Kate Haley_Goldman, Susannah McGowan, Dana Mitroff, Osamu Takahashi, Bruce Wyman, USA

Saturday March 25, 2006
11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Lasting Value

Surviving Change: The first step toward sustaining your digital library

Marie Gallagher, Christie Moffatt, USA

Story of Glass: Still really working 10 years on

Sarah Beecham, Graham Howard, United Kingdom

11:00 am-
12:30 pm

Models for Access

The Inside Out Web Museum

Jonathan Pratty, United Kingdom

MEDINA Three Years Later: Towards "Enterprise Frameworks" for cultural tourism Web applications

Franca Garzotto, Italy

11:00 am-
12:30 pm


3D for Cultural Heritage and Education: Evaluating the Impact

Nicoletta Di Blas, Caterina Poggi, Italy

Viewing the Viewer: Remote usability testing

Phyllis Hecht, USA

1:30 pm-
3:00 pm

Using Data

Data Access Strategy

Michael Edson, USA

Using Web Services To Deliver Information Integration

Bryan Solomon, United Kingdom

Discover Babylon: Creating a vivid user experience by exploiting features of video games and uniting museum and library collections

Michelle Lucey-Roper, USA

1:30 pm-
3:00 pm


Linking Minority Communities Through The Web

Tim Burnett, Maud Hand, Katie Streten, United Kingdom

Attaining the Holy Grail: How to encourage wider engagement with museum collections through participation in new media projects

Claire Harcup, Mark Nesbitt, United Kingdom

Audience Analysis in the Age of Engagement

Sheila Carey, Robyn Jeffrey, Canada

3:30 pm-
5:00 pm

Closing Plenary

Museum 2.0

David Bearman, Jennifer Trant, Canada