April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Sessions: Abstract

Putting Museum Collections on the Map: Application of Geographic Information Systems   go to paper

Megan Heckert, Avencia, USA

On-line mapping tools are quickly becoming ubiquitous, and have much to offer museums for both collection management and outreach. This paper explores potential applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), focusing on how two organizations, the Philadelphia City Archive and Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, have used GIS to expand their on-line presence and reach wider audiences with collections of historic photos and information on public art.

This paper focuses on how the geographic approach has spurred the growth of these sites into valuable assets for collections management and beloved sites for users. It explores how geographic technologies can be applied to both collections management and outreach for archives and museums to expand their reach and provide patrons with a new lens through which to view exhibits and collections.

Session: Mapping Museum Content [Institutional]

Keywords: mapping, GIS