April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


When is the next Museums and the Web?

MW2009 featured a Museum Professionals' Demonstration Hall on the morning of April 18, 2009. Museum staff members show sites created in a non–profit environment, and explain the workings behind them to their colleagues.

Informal demonstration sessions are a chance to see many sites close-up and talk one-on-one with colleagues about their designs and the decisions that went into them. The Demonstration Hall is set up in the same manner as the Exhibit Hall. Delegates move from booth to booth for individual discussions with Demonstrators.

Saturday April 18, 2009
8:30 am-
10:00 am
Close Up

Demonstrations 1


Sally Olding, United Kingdom

Social Tagging in the Museum: The Chipstone Galleries at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Ethan Lasser, USA

21st-Century Abe

Nicholas Schonberger, USA

Web Dissemination of Cultural Content Through Information Landscapes

Massimo Bergamasco, Marcello Carrozzino, Chiara Evangelista, Veronica Neri, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Italy

ArtBabble: A High Quality, Cloud Based Video Platform for Art Content

Edward Bachta, Matt Gipson, Daniel Incandela, Charles Moad, Rob Stein, USA

Merging the physical and the virtual in science education

Rick Crosslin, Angela McNew, USA

Engaging Students as Producers of Culture

Lauren Addario, Mimi Roberts, USA

Hybrid Realities: Visiting the Virtual Museum

Jesse Allison, John Fillwalk, USA

The Reciprocal Research Network

Nicholas Jakobsen, Ulrike Radermacher, Susan Rowley, Andrea Sanborn, Dave Schaepe, Leona Sparrow, Ryan Wallace, Canada

Combining all the resources on the BCCKS: Easy way to create on line brochures of events

Junko Iwabuchi, Japan

My Karsh

Maureen McEvoy, Intiaz Rahim, Canada

CultureSampo - A Collective Memory of Finnish Cultural Heritage on the Semantic Web 2.0

Eero Hyvönen, Finland

California Video Exhibition kiosk and web site

Jack Ludden, USA

Digital New Zealand - helping make New Zealand content easier to find share and use

Virginia Gow, New Zealand

I Know What This is!

Erik Hekman, Harry van Vliet, The Netherlands


Robin Dowden, USA

Quilt Explorer: High Touch Tech, Timeless Tradition

Maureen Ose, USA

G.O.D. Brought to Life (and mashed up)

Mia Ridge, United Kingdom

Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia

Ari Davidow, USA

Museum Pipes: A Yahoo Pipes Data Integration Experiment

Piotr Adamczyk, USA

Best of the Web Winners

To be announced

10:00 am-
11:30 am
Close Up

Demonstrations 2

On-line videos of Deaf children interpreting the collections in Sign Language

Matthew Cock, Carolyn Howitt, United Kingdom

A Literary Map for the Future: Integrating Technology, History, and Culture

Steven Herb, Alan Jalowitz, Jenny Litz, USA

Digital Content: Identifying the "Orphans" & Monetizing the Heirlooms

Christopher Kenneally, USA

Canadian War Museum Online Resource: Canada and the First World War

Genevieve de Mahy, Kathryn Lyons, Canada

Creating Interactive Timelines Using Dipity

Rose Sherman, USA

Building Museum Communities through Online Exhibits

Jeff Doyle, USA

WebQuests - National Museums Online Learning Project

Carolyn Royston, United Kingdom

Bringing documents to life

Vivian Ducat, USA

An Interactive Display for the Real‐Time Viewing of Virtually Restored Museum Artifacts

Daniel Aliaga, Alvin Law, Richard McCoy, Amy McKune, Yu Hong Yeung, Larry Zimmerman, USA

New Technology Brings New Life to Art History: The Piero Project Story

Marcello Carrozzino, Franco Tecchia, Italy, Kirk Alexander, Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, USA

Small scale museum videos on the web

Andrew Lewis, United Kingdom

Learning in the galleries using portable devices, websites and digital content

Paul Clifford, United Kingdom

Wexner Center for the Arts

Robert Duffy, USA

Spitzer's Multi-Gigapixel GLIMPSE of the Milky Way

James Harold, USA

Seeing Tibetan Art

Shelley Mannion, Switzerland

A Responsive Virtual Human Museum Guide at the Boston Museum of Science

Timothy Bickmore, USA

Joe Fafard at the National Gallery of Canada

Ashish Bhagrath, Corey Timpson, Canada

Patchwork Prototyping a Collections Dashboard

Amy Jackson, Michael Twidale, Richard Urban, USA

History at Your Fingertips: Providing Access via Interactive Multi-touch Technology

Lola Pyne, USA

Creative Spaces - National Museums Online Learning Project

Steve Gardam, United Kingdom

Best of the Web Winners

To be announced