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International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting:
Cultural Heritage and Technologies
in the Third Millennium.

Proceedings from the ichim01 meeting
Milan, Italy, September 3-7, 2001.

Volume 2: Short Papers / Posters and Demos

Table of Contents

Building a New Culture

New Economy and Digital Culture - the REGNET project - Walter Koch, Gerda Koch, AIT Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschngsgesellschaft mbH, Austria (PDF)

Strategic combination of electronic and traditional services - Ellen Fleurbaay, Amsterdam Municipal Archives, The Netherlands (PDF)

Cultural Heritage in the Age of the Web: How New Media Can Affect Art Fruition - Licia Calvi, Eindoven Univ. of Technology - Dept. of Computer Science, The Netherlands (PDF)

Hypertext and word of mouth interact in theatre for the trasmission of cultural heritage - Anna Gentile, Ilenia Paladini, Univ. of Lecce - Dept. of Innovation Engineering, Italy (PDF)

Broadcast Archives: Preserving the Future - Richard Wright, BBC Information and Archives, United Kingdom (PDF)

Facing Challenges of New Media on the Crossroads of East-West and Past-Future (Lithuanian Case Study) - Nerute Kligiene, Laimutis Telksnys, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - Vilnius Gedeminas Technical Univ., Lithuania (PDF)

Electronic IPR (eIPR) Managment Technologies - Franco Bartolini, Roberto Caldelli, Vito Cappellini, Univ. of Firenze - Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications, Italy (PDF)

Networking historical sources: a demand-side driven approach - Andrea Rosenbusch, Swiss Federal Archives - Bern, Switzerland (PDF)

A View on the Design of Usable Museum Appliances - Piero Mussio, Univ. di Brescia - Dip. di Elettronica per l'Automazione, Italy, Augusto Celentano, Univ. C¦ Foscari di Venezia, Italy (PDF)

Initial Thoughts for Setting up a Virtual Exhibition - César Monfort Carreras, Univ. Oberta de Catalunya - Dept. of Humanities - Barcelona, Spain (PDF)

Cultural Heritage, New Media, and Education

Discovernet©: Building an Education Gateway - Lee Adendorff, Australian Museums OnLine, Australia (PDF)

Zoom Media Lab & The Virtual Collection of Children's Everyday Culture - Sasha Pirker, Stefan Wagner, Uma Information Technology - Vienna, Austria (PDF)

The Museu da Repøblica Data Base - a Creative Tool to Educate and Disseminate Information - Ana Cristina Evres, Karla Estelita Godoy, Museu da Repøblica - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (PDF)

Integrating cultural Heritage Activities in Education Process: Experiencesand Perspectives through New Technologies - Eugenio Morreale, Univ. di Pisa - Dip. di Informatica, Italy (PDF)

[ars.edu] - European network of Cultural Heritage Education Centres - Alfredo M. Ronchi, Politecnico di Milano - Dept. ISET, Italy (PDF)

Looking for Content

Searching Documentary Films on line: the ECHO Digital Library - Giuseppe Amato, Claudio Gennaro, Pasquale Savino, I.E.I. - CNR Pisa, Italy (PDF)

Handling Sub-Image Queries In Content-Based Retrieval of High Resolution Art Images - Stephen Chan, Kirk Martinez, Paul Lewis, Univ. of Southampton - Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia Research Group, United Kingdom, Christian Lahanier, Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des MusY¨e de France, France, James Stevenson, Victoria and Albert Museum - London, United Kingdom (PDF)

Logical Framework for Information Retrieval and Conservation Project. Geo-referencial Querying in Integrated Catalogues and Notified Cultural heritages - Luca Marescotti, Maria Mascione, Politecnico di Milano - DI.Tec, Italy (PDF)

Quicklink: Managing Similatity Links in Cultural Heritage Archives on the Web - Isabella Gagliardi, Bruna Zonta, ITIM - CNR Milano, Italy (PDF)

Mobile Divices to Assist Cultural Visits - Maria Elena Bonfigli, Vis.I.T. Lab - CINECA - Casalecchio, Italy, Cabri Giacomo, Leonardi Letizia, Zambonelli Franco, Univ. di Modena e Reggio Emilia - Dip. Scienze dell'Ingegneria, Italy (PDF)

Data Models

A Data Description Model for Cultural Heritage Hypermedia and Virtual Environments authenticated by archaeologists - Maria Elena Bonfigli, Antonella Guidazzoli, Massimo Alessio Mauri, Vis.I.T. Lab - CINECA - Casalecchio, Italy, Antonella Corallini, Daniela Corl¦ita Scagliarini, Univ. di Bologna - Dip. di Archeologia, Italy (PDF)

VandA: a Metadata Model for Supporting New Usages of Historical Audio-Visual Archives Material - Giuseppe Amato, Donatella Castelli, Paola Venerosi, IEI- CNR Pisa, Italy (PDF)

From Parchment to the Network: Manuscript Management and Cataloguing - Maria Alberta Alberti, Univ. di Milano - Dip. Scienze dell'Informazione, Italy, Giliola Barbero, Cesare Pasini, Biblioteca Ambrosiana - Milano, Italy (PDF)

The Library: a Cultural Mine - Paola Carrara, ITIM - CNR Milano, Italy, Giuseppe Fresta, CNUCE - CNR Pisa, Italy (PDF)

MauroTeX - A Language for Electronic Critical Editions - Paolo Mascellani, Univ. di Siena - Dip. di Matematica, Italy, - Pier Daniele Napoletani, Univ. di Pisa - Dip. di Matematica, Italy (PDF)

The "XML/Repetti" Project: XML Encoding and Manipulation of Tempora Information in Historical Text Sources - Fabio Grandi, Univ. di Bologna - DEIS and CNR - C.S.I.T.E., Italy, Federica Mandreoli, Univ. di Modena e Reggio Emilia - D.S.I., Italy (PDF)

Restoration and Preservation

Automatic Feature Recognition Technique on Stone Monuments Using Visible and IR Photography - José Luis Lerma, Univ. Politecnica de Valencia - Depto. Ing. Cartografica, Spain (PDF)

A Digital Image Processing and Database System for Watermarks in Medieval Manuscripts - Emanuel Wenger, Austrian Academy of Sciences - Commission of Scientific Visualization-Vienna, Austria, Victor N. Karnaukhov, Russian Academy of Sciences - Moscow, Russia, Alois Haidinger, Maria Stieglecker, Austrian Academy of Sciences - Commission of Paleography and Codicology of Medieval Manuscripts - Vienna, Austria (PDF)

3D Scanning the Minerva of Arezzo - C. Rocchini, P. Cignoni, C. Montani, P. Pingi, Scopigno, R.ISTI - CNR Pisa, Italy, R. Fontana, M. Greco, E. Pampaloni, Pezzati, L.INOA - Firenze, Italy, M. Cygielman, R. Giachetti, G. Gori, M. Miccio, R. Pecchioli, Centro di Restauro Archeologico - Firenze, Italy (PDF)

An Objective and Subjective Comparison of Audio Restoration Systems - Sergio Canazza, Guido Coraddu, Giovanni De Poli, Gian Antonio Mian, Univ. of Padova - Dept. of Electronics and Informatics, Italy (PDF)

An Ultrasound Based Technique for the Detection and Classification of Flaws inside Large sizes Marble or Stone Structural elements - Mauro Bramanti, Edoardo Bozzi, IEI - CNR Pisa, Milano (PDF)

Digital Preservation & Emulation: from Theory to Practice - Steward Granger, CAMiLEON Project, United Kingdom (PDF)

ZoomageTM: Super High Resolution Imaging & Visualization Tools - Irene Cheng, Anup Basu, Telephotogenics Inc., Canada, Afshad Mistri, Silicon Graphics Inc., U.S.A. (PDF)

3D Reconstruction applied to Virtual Heritage and Cultural Conservation - João G.M. Gonçalves, Vítor Sequeira, European Commission - Joint Research Centre Ispra, Italy (PDF)

3D Worlds and Digital Environments

A Content-Centered Methodology for Authoring 3D Interactive Worlds for Cultural Heritage - Augusto Celentano, Fabio Pittarello, Univ. C¦ Foscari di Venezia - Dip. di Informatica, Italy (PDF)

Building "Huys Hengelo" in VRML - Dennis Reidsma, Martijn Kragtwijk, Anton Nijholt, Univ. of Twente - Dept. of Computer Science, The Netherlands (PDF)

Ancient Olympia as a Three Dimensional Museum Experience - Cliff Ogleby, Univ. of Melbourne - Dept. of Geomatics, Australia, Sarah Kenderdine, Powerhouse Museum - Sydney, Australia (PDF)

From dust to stardust: a Collaborative 3d Virtual Museum of Computer Science - Thimoty Barbieri, Giovanni Beltrame, Luca Ceresoli, Franca Garzotto, Marco Gritti, Daniele Misani, Politecnico di Milano - HOC Hypermedia Open Center, Italy (PDF)

Exhibiting in Shared Virtual Environments: Realistic 3D Museum Representation over the Web - Tasos Harisis, George Koutalieris, Christos Douskos, Systema Informatics S.A. - Athens, Greece, Ksourias Constantinos, Fotis Karantzis, Silicon Technologies S.A. - Athens, Greece (PDF)

Virtual Walking Tour of Ryonanji Temple using Locomotion Interface - Tsutomu Miyasato, ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories - Kyoto, Japan (PDF)

Photographic Virtual Reality and Architectural Heritage - Roberto Paiano, Univ. of Lecce - Software Engineerng and Telemedia Lab., Italy (PDF)

Virtual Historical Heritage: Yuso Monastery - María Aróstegui, José Ignacio Barbero, Labein - Mechanics Unit - Bilbao, Spain, Carolina Cruz-Neira, VRAC - Virtual Reality Application Center, U.S.A. (PDF)

A Vision-Driven Gesture-Based Pointer for Computer-Augmented Environments - Gabriele Baggiani, Carlo Colombo, Bimbo Alberto Del, Univ. di Firenze, Dip. di Sistemi ed Informatica, Italy (PDF)

Minerva: An Artificial Intelligent System for Composition of Museums - Francesco Amigoni, Viola Schiaffonati, Marco Somalvico, Politecnico di Milano - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Project, Italy (PDF)


OMAR - An Online Database for Oriental Manuscripts - Matthias Brückner, Paul-Thomas Kandzia, Freiburg University - Oriental Seminar, Germany (PDF)

Guidelines for Archaeological Map of Tuscany: Some Issues and Experiences - Marinella Pasquinucci, Univ. di Pisa - Dip. di Scienze Storiche del Mondo Antico, Italy, Oreste Signore, CNUCE - CNR Pisa, Italy (PDF)

Private owners and public access; using the web to provide access to historic properties and their contents - Michael Hiley, De Monfort Univ. Centre for Technology and the Arts - Leicester, United Kingdom (PDF)

SIUSA: Unified Information System for Record Office Superintendencies - Daniela Bondielli, Umberto Parrini, Giuseppe Alberto Romano, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Centro Ricerche Informatiche per i Beni Culturali, Italy, Maria Grazia Pastura, Ministero Beni e Attivit¦ Culturali, Italy (PDF)

Oriental Brightness into an European City - Bucarest of '30 years - Laura Ciocoiu, Research Institute for Informatics, Romania , Dan Falcan, The Museum of Bucarest, Romania (PDF)

The Joachim DeBrum Photograph Project; Digital Restoration and Archiving in Micronesia - Eric Lindborg, Cristina Lindborg, Sue Rosoff, Marshallese Cultural Society - Marshall Islands, U.S.A. (PDF)

Images of the early 20th century. The Photographic Fund of the Istituto di Arti Grafiche of Bergamo for "Emporium" magazine - Federico Brunetti, Ilaria Alberici, Giuliana Ricci, Politecnico di Milano, Fac. Di Architettura - Design, Italy (PDF)

The New Norwegian Rock Art Database - Wenche Helliksen, Inger Marie Holm-Olsen, Olaug Hana Nesheim, Bjoerg Pettersen, Randi Soenderland, Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research - Oslo, Norway (PDF)

Getting a Multimedia Message across in Palermo Information Technology and Artistic Heritage in an Area with a Low Rate of Development - Loredana Benincasa, Cinzia Ferrara, Univ. di Palermo - Fac. Architettura - Design, Italy (PDF)

The Virtual Museum of Architecture - Eleonora Cardellini, Universit¦ di Roma La Sapienza - Laboratorio Multimediale di Architettura, Italy (PDF)

Musem of Natural Heritage: an Interactive Hypermedia Presentation - Mario Bochicchio, Roberto Paiano, E. Andreassi, Tiziana Montanaro, Univ. of Lecce - Software Engineering and Telemedia Lab., Italy (PDF)

IBC WEB SITE: a Multi-stage, Multi-site Experimentation of W2000 Model - Maria Pia Guermandi, Ist. Beni Culturali della Regione Emilia Romagna - Bologna, Italy (PDF)

Index of Authors (PDF)

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