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International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting:
Cultural Heritage and Technologies
in the Third Millennium.

Proceedings from the ichim01 meeting
Milan, Italy, September 3-7, 2001.

Volume 1: Full Papers

Table of Contents


Introduction - David Bearman, & Franca Garzotto, ichim01 Program Co-Chairs


Immersive Environments

From Memoria Futura to i2TV: A Technological Framework and Two Models for New Forms of Cultural Participation and Production in Mixed Realities - Jasminko Novak, Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss, Claudia Valle, Predrad Peranovic, Christoph Seibert, GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology and MARS Exploratory Media Lab, Institute for Media Communication, Germany (PDF)

An Immersive Interactive Experience of Contemporary Aboriginal Dance at the National Museum of Australia - Stephen Barrass, CSIRO, Virtual Environments, Canberra, Australia (PDF)

The Digital Cathedral of Siena - Innovative Concepts for Interactive and Immersive Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites - Johannes Behr, Center for Computer Graphics - Darmstadt, Germany, Torsten Fr­hlich, Christian Kn­pfle, Wolfram Kresse, Bernd Lutz, Dirk Reiners, Frank Sch­ffel, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics - Darmstadt, Germany (PDF)

Multi Sensory 3D Tours for Cultural Heritage: the Palazzo Grassi Experience - Fabio Pittarello, Univ. C¨ Foscari di Venezia - Dip. di Informatica, Italy (PDF)

Digital Video/Broadband

i - irasshai: An Immersive Cultural Learning Experience - Brian D. Jones, Andrew Quay, Georgia Institute of Technology - Interactive Media Technology Center, Atlanta, USA, Carolyn Cole, Georgia Institute of Technology - Centre for Education, Atlanta, USA (PDF)

A Collaborative Model for Lifelong Learning and the Arts Using Broadband Multicasting - Leonard Steinbach, Cleveland Museum of Art - Cleveland, USA (PDF)

Reinventing Museums in a Broadband Environment - Kenneth Kobus, The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum - Chicago, USA (PDF)

VIRAMI - Visual Information Retrieval for Archival Moving Imagery - Christine Sandom, Peter Enser, Univ. of Brighton - School of Information Management, UK (PDF)

3D Acquisition and Modeling

Chromatic Adaptation Post-filtering in Image Synthesis Reproduction of Ancient Building for Restoration Support - Daniele Marini, Univ. di Milano - Dip. Scienze dell'Informazione, Italy , Alessandro Rizzi, Univ. di Brescia - Dip. di Elettronica per l'Automazione, Italy , Maurizio Rossi, Politecnico di Milano - Dip. DiTec, Italy (PDF)

Automated 3D Recording of Archaeological Pottery - Martin Kampel, Robert Sablatnig, - Vienna Univ. of Technology - Inst. for Automation - Vienna, Austria (PDF)

Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage through Constructive Modeling - Janet Goodwin, R. Aizu History Project - Los Angeles, USA, James Goodwin, M. U.C.L.A. -Dept of Computer Science - Los Angeles, USA, Galina Pasko, IT Institute of Kanazawa Institute of Technology - Tokyo, Japan , Alexander Pasko, Hosei University - Dept. of Digital Media - Tokyo, Japan , Carl Vilbrandt, Univ. of Aizu - Computer Arts Lab -Wakamatsu, Japan (PDF)

Surface Model Generation by the Relics from Slice Images, and the Approach to the Automatic Restoration - Yasuhiro Watanabe, Kazuaki Tanaka, Norihiro Abe, Kyushu Institute of Technology - Fukuoka, Japan, Hirokazu Taki, Wakayama Univ., Japan, Yoshimasa Kinoshita, Akira Yokota, Univ. of Occupational and Environmental Health- Fukuoka, Japan (PDF)

Image-Based Implicit Object Modeling: Direct and Indirect Multi Resolution Methods - Augusto Sarti, Stefano Tubaro, Politecnico di Milano - Dip. di Elettronica e Informazione, Italy (PDF)

KotaView: Simulating Korean Traditional Architecture Interactively and Intelligently on the Web - Jin Won Choi, Jie EunYonsei Hwang, University in Seoul - Dept. of Housing & Interior Design, Korea (PDF)



Review of Visual Art Representation and Communication on the Web - Chris Stuart Hutchinson, Kingston Univ. - School of computing & Information Systems, United Kingdom , P. Raviolo, Univ. of Siena - Dip. di Letteratura Moderna e Scienza del Linguaggio - Arezzo, Italy (PDF)

Longevity of Electronic Art - Howard Besser, UCLA - School of Education & Information Studies - Los Angeles, USA (PDF)

Representing Civilizations

Cairo's Architectural Heritage - Malak Wahba, Reem Bahgat, Fathi Saleh The National Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage - (CULTNAT) - Cairo, Egypt (PDF)

Visualizing Indian Heritage DL Metaphor - Nagnath Ramdasi, R.Centre for Development of Advanced Computing - Pune, India (PDF)

The LeMO Project - Development of an Internet Multimedia Information System of 20th Century German History: Aims and Results - Burkhard Asmuss, Arnulf Scriba, German Historical Museum (DHM) - Berlin, Germany, Jurgen Reiche, Haus der Geschichte of the Federal Republic of Germany (HdG) - Bonn, Germany, Lutz Nentwig, Fraunhofer - Institute for Software ans Systems Engineering (ISST) - Berlin, Germany (PDF)

THE CYPRUS TREASURE: A Web Based Multimedia Application for Archeological Treasure - Chrystalla Alexandrou, Achilleas Kentonis, Andreas Andreou, George Samaras, Christos N. Schizas, Univ. of Cyprus - Multimedia Research and Development Lab Computer Science Dept., Cyprus (PDF)

Social Context

From the First Millenium to the Third, the Content is the Message! - Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum - Jerusalem, Israel (PDF)

The Niupepa Collection: Opening the Blinds on a Window to the Past - Te Taka Keegan, Mark Apperley, Sally Jo Cunningham, Ian H. Witten, Univ. of Waikato - Dep. of Computer Science, New Zealand (PDF)

Simplified Management of Complex Digital Archive and Web Presentation Projects - David C. Allen Calco, Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College - Oberlin, USA (PDF)

The Academic Library's Role in Transmitting Cuyltural Heritage Using 21st Centuri Technology: the University of Arizona Libraries and the Cultural Community Collaboration Model - Patricia Morris, Elaina Norlin, Stuart Glogoff, Garry Forger, Univ. of Arizona - Tucson, USA (PDF)

Design and Evaluation


Design for Art and Leisure - Patrizia Marti, Univ. di Siena - Dept. of Communication Science, Italy (PDF)

Excellence in Service: the Enabling Power of Well Managed Technology - Marinus Swanepoel, Technikon Pretoria, South Africa (PDF)

User Interaction

Design Criteria for Usable Web - Accessible Virtual Environments - Filippo Costalli, Luisa Marucci, Giulio Mori, Fabio PaternŃ, CNUCE - CNR Pisa, Italy (PDF)

Towards Interactive Operas: the Virtualis Project - Alain Bonardi, Univ. de Paris IV, France, Francis Rousseaux, Univ. de Reims, France (PDF)

Electronic Guidebooks and Visitor Attention - Allison Woodruff, Paul M. Aoki, Amy Hurst, Margaret H. Szymanski, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center - Palo Alto, USA (PDF)

Interactive Cultural Experiences Using Virtual Identities - Mard? Greeff, CSIR: icomtek Scientia Pretoria - Pretoria, South Africa, Vali Lalioti, Univ. of Pretoria - Dept. of Computer Science, South Africa (PDF)



A Metadata Model for Multimedia Databases - Gabriel David, Cristina Ribeiro, Univ. do Porto - INESC, Portugal (PDF)

Dating and Authentication of Rembrandt's Etchings with the Help of Computational Intelligence - Jan C.A. van der Lubbe, Eugene P. van Someren, Marcel J.T. Reinders, Delft Univ. of Technology, The Netherlands (PDF)

Tools and Systems

Managing Digital Archives

COLLATE - A Web-Based Collaboratory for Content-Based Access to and Work with Digitized Cultural Material - J˛rgen Keiper, Deutsches Filminstitut - Frankfurt am Main, Germany , Holger Brocks, Andrea Dirsch-Weigand, Adelheit Stein, Ulrich Thiel, GMD-IPSI - German National Research Center for Information Technology, Darmstadt, Germany (PDF)

Digital Video and Hypermedia Based New Services for Working on Patrimonial Archives - Marc Nanard, Jocelyne Nanard, David Genest, Michel Chein, Henri Betaille, LIRMM - Montpellier, France (PDF)

Geographic Information Systems

SITUS, a web based information system for archaeological sites - Marco Lazzari, ENEL - Hydro SpA - ISMES - Seriate, Italy, Paolo Salvaneschi, Univ. of Bergamo, Italy, Andrea Spinelli, IT&T - Milano, Italy (PDF)

Supporting the Promotion of Historical and Cultural Treasures with a GIS-Based Visual Environment - Monica Sebillo, Genny Tortora, Maurizio Tucci, Giuliana Vitiello, Univ. di Salerno - Dip. di Matematica e Informatica - Salerno, Italy (PDF)

Multimedia Architectures

Bridging the Collection Management System Multimedia Exhibitiondivide: a New Architecture for Modular Museum Systems - Gabriele Scali, Flavio Tariffi, S.P.A.C.E. S.p.A. - Prato, Italy (PDF)

A New Professional Application at the Musée d`Orsay (Paris) - Laurence des Cars, Françoise Le Coz, Sylvie Jule, Musée d`Orsay - Paris, France (PDF)

Museum Applications

Exploring Landscape, Documenting Culture, Constructing Memory: The Loire Valley Internet Workshop - NicolŃ Ceccarelli, Politecnico di Milano, School of Industrial Design, Italy, Alonzo Addison, C.University of California, Center for Design Visualization, Berkley, U.S.A., Rachel M. Strickland, Videographer and Media Architect, San Francisco, USA (PDF)

Envisioning & Evaluating " Out-of- Storage" Solutions - Liam Bannon, Luigina Ciolfi, Mikael Fernstr­m, Univ. of Limerick - Interaction Design Centre, Ireland (PDF)

MUSE: an Integrated System for Mobile Fruition and Site Management - Salmon Cinotti Tullio, Summa Silvia, Università di Bologna - CERSE - DEIS, Italy , Maurizio Malavasi, Enrico Romagnoli, Fabio Sforza, Boconsulting Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.A. - Bologna, Italy (PDF)

Points of Departure: Integrating Technology into the Galleries of Tomorrow - Peter Samis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Interactive Educational Technologies, USA (PDF)

Developing Interactive Web-Based Facilities for Medium-Sized Museums - Beardon Colin, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, Judy Mills, Martin Wright, Corinium Museum - Cotswold District Council, United Kingdom (PDF)

Index of Authors (PDF)


The Table of Contents for Volume 2: Short Papers / Posters and Demos as well as the Introduction, to Volume 1 are also available on-line.

Abstracts for all papers and the are also online.


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