Speaker: Slavko Milekic
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Slavko Milekic

Professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Design
The University of the Arts
Art Education
320 S. Broad St.
Philadelphia PA
19102 USA

Slavko Milekic, M.D., Phd is teaching Cognitive Science and Digital Design courses at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His currrent research interest is in the use of eye- and gaze-tracking techniques for enhancing knowledge transfer and in museum and gallery settings. Slavko Milekic holds a medical degree (Belgrade School of Medicine) as well as Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (University of Connecticut). His research interests include development of alternative ways of interacting with digital content, the psychology of human/computer interaction and building of WWW-based tools for knowledge transfer. Dr Milekic's innovative, child-friendly digital environment (KiddyFace) has been already implemented in a museum setting. In the summer of 2009 Dr. Milekic has received a US patent for the use of eye- and gaze-tracking in interacting with a display. Dr. Milekic is frequently leading workshops on the educational uses of technology and human/computer interface design. He has been engaged as a consultant for the development of digital tools for art education by a number of institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, Please Touch Museum, Phoenix Art Museum and Cleveland Museum of Art. He currently holds the position of a professor of Cognitive Science & Digital Design at the University of the Arts and is a Creative Director of Flatworld Interactives, LLC.

Slavko will present Gaze-tracking and museums: current research and implications. [Paper]
Slavko will demonstrate Use of webcam-based eye-tracking for museum outreach & research. [Demonstration]