April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Workshops: Description

Better web metrics

Sebastian Chan, Powerhouse Museum, Australia

Explore the emerging landscape of metrics and measurement in the world of the social web, whilst getting better insights from how visitors to your 'main website'.

The workshop will begin with an examination of the traditional measurement tools available on the Web, explaining their pros and cons, before looking specifically at the new suite of tools needed to discover 'actionable insights' for your social media projects.

We'll look at questions like:

  • What is a 'well performing' Web site?
  • How might this differ from a social media project?
  • How will you know your if social media projects are successful?
  • What constitutes success and how might you benchmark it?
  • What tools are available for free or at low cost?
  • What combination of qualitative and quantitative results might you report back to funders?
  • What are the implications of social media measurement for your traditional measurements?

We will dig deep into audience segmentation and divine some new insights from your existing analytics, and participants who use Google Analytics at their organisation will be offered the opportunity to have their organisation featured in examples throughout the workshop.

Workshop: Web Metrics [Morning]

Keywords: metrics, evaluation, social media