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The Demonstration Hall provided an overview of the diversity of museum activity on the web. "Up-Close" sessions profiled the techniques used to create museum web sites. The new Group Crit rooms, coordinated by Larry Friedlander of Stanford University offered site designers immediate feedback about their sites. For those who couldn't make it to the conference, there's always the online discussion on the MUSWEB-L: mailing list.

Wednesday April 19, 2000


A series of in-depth mini-workshops provided a chance to see "Up Close" how to use particular tools and techniques to enhance or evaluate your web site.
8:30 AM-
9:30 AM


Mini-workshops 1

Online Professional Development: Challenges and Rewards
Kathy Talley-Jones, USA

Virtual Museums Made Easy with New Techniques and Tools
Carl Thelen,, USA

Protecting a museum's digital stock through watermarks
Torsten Bissel, Manfred Bogen, Claus Riemann, and Volker Hadamschek, GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology, Germany

12:30 PM-
1:30 PM


Mini-Workshops 2

Quick and Dirty Dublin Core: examples with FileMaker
James Swanson, Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Canada

Building an Educational web-site
Marni Morris-Wishart, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, USA

Data, Museum Business Processes, and the Web: Integrating Information and Functions
Rick Albertson, and Dawn Hopkins, KPMG Consulting, USA

Sound Design: Using Audio as a Creative Tool
Tracey Linton Craig, TLC Productions, USA

Wednesday April 19, 2000


In the Demonstration hall, museum staff showed their new and recently renovated web sites. Conference delegates explored the functionality they have created, had an opportunity to visit dozens of booths, and engaged the developers of these sites in discussions about the choices they made, the outcomes they've experienced, and their future plans.
9:00 AM-
11:00 AM


Session 1

Living with Fire: A Web-based Kiosk for On-site Interactive Installation
Steven Allison-Bunnell, Natureboy Media, USA

On-line Collections Access at the Museum of English Rural Life
Mary Dyson, Roy Brigden, University of Reading, UK
Jonathan Bowen, South Bank University, UK

Art Entertainment Network
Steve Dietz, Walker Art Center, USA

Russian Cultural Heritage Network
Tatyana Bogomazova, Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology & Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules
Phillip Barak, Ann Hill Duin, and Edward Nater, University of Minnesota, USA

Museums & Millennium
Hélène Bernier, Musée de la civilisation of Quebec City, Canada
Katy Tari, Musée Média, Canada

Far Flung: Distance, Creativity, and Collaboration
Keith Braafladt, Science Museum of Minnesota, USA
Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, US

Stamp Quest - A physical exhibit goes virtual
Denise Corbett, Canadian Postal Museum, Canada

Museum Explorers Project: Virtual Discoveries
Jennifer Earls, Southern Illinois University Museum, USA
L. M. Wood, Southern Illinois University, USA

The Museum of the Americas: A Virtual Museum for the Hemisphere
Luis Cancel, The Museum of the Americas Foundation, USA
Michael R. Alford, Vision Foundry, USA

The Industrial Museum of Saxony / Germany
Eckhard Stasch, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany

11:30 AM-
1:30 PM


Session 2

Rhizome ArtBase: Archiving net art
Mark Tribe,, US

The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library website
Floyd Sweeting, Frick Collection/Frick Art Reference Library, USA

Motorola History Online
Terri Sinnott, Motorola Museum, USA
Sue Topp, Motorola, Inc., USA

The National Gallery of Australia
Andrew Powrie, National Gallery of Australia, Australia

The National Maritime Museum's Search Station Project
Sophia Robertson, National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom

Canadian Museum of Civilization collections
Judith Tomlin, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada

Flowers of Silk and Gold
Maury Sullivan, The Textile Museum, USA

Access to Art for All Ages
David Stark, Art Institute of Chicago, USA
Margaret Farr, Art Institute of Chicago, USA

Four Directions
Marty Kreipe de Montano, National Museum of the American Indian, USA

Restarting from scratch
Ian Edelman, Hampshire County Council Museums Service, United Kingdom

Internet for the Museum Professionals
Lev Noll, Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Russia

Preventing the Misappropriation of Web Images
Alexis Menten, Museum of Modern Art, USA

Museo De Arte Costarricense
Gabriela Saenz, Museo De Arte Costarricense, Costa Rica

Wednesday April 19, 2000

Group Crit Rooms

We taken advantage of all the expertise at MW2000, and created a place for designers to get instant feedbac. After a brief presentation about each site, the panel of professionals, coordinated by Larry Friedlander of Stanford University, provided instant feedback and ideas for improvement. Audience feedback was encouraged!

9:00 AM-
10:30 AM

group crit

Session 1

Panel: Larry Friedlander, Stanford University, Robert J. Semper, The Exploratorium, USA


National Museums of Kenya
presented by Lorna Abungu, Kenya

Canadian Museum of Civilization
presented byRobert Patterson, , Canada

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
presented by David Klevan, USA

11:00 AM-
12:30 PM

group crit

Session 2

Panel: Larry Friedlander, Stanford University,
Peter Samis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), USA


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
presented by Marie Baarspul, The Netherlands

Van Gogh Museum,
presented byMelanie Verhoeven, Netherlands

The Norman Rockwell Museum,
presented by Susan Cobb Merchant, USA


Throughout the year, museum professionals discuss web develoment issues on the MUSWEB-L list, hosted by the Swedish museum of Natural History. See the home page for the list to post messages, and review the archive.