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Larry Friedlander

Stanford Learning Lab
3942 19th ST
San Francisco CA
94122 USA

Larry Friedlander has been a professor of English Literature and Theater at Stanford University since 1965, with a specialty in Shakespeare and performance. In May 1997, Friedlander was appointed Co-Director of the newly established Stanford Learning Lab which is charged by the President of the University with promoting the research, development, and deployment of educational technology and innovative teaching methods.

In early 1980's he began working in multimedia design and applications starting with the Shakespeare Project, a pioneering investigation of the application of new technologies for education in the arts and the humanities. In 1990 Friedlander formed the Interactive Shakespeare Group with professors at MIT to develop tools for the study and presentation of Shakespeare and to establish an interactive electronic archive to be placed in the Folger Library and other institutions. Friedlander has also developed numerous other educational applications, including the TheaterGame, an animation program for staging plays, Paris/Theatre, a program for the historical study of French Theater, as well as plans for an interactive encyclopedia of 19th Century Art for the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.

Professor Friedlander has worked in major research laboratories on a wide variety of projects. At the Apple Multimedia Lab, he developed an innovative set of designs for the Globe Theater Museum in London. At the MIT Media Lab, he collaborated on a computer-enhanced theater space and narrative piece called the Wheel of Life, which has become a model for augmented interactive spaces. At the Mitsubishi Electronic Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Friedlander worked on long-distance, virtual, collaborative spaces.

Professor Friedlander has been heavily involved in museum design and planning, including advising the Museum of Scotland, a new national museum, on its plans for technology and design, and helping the University of Art and Design in Helsinki establish a department of interactive museum design, He was an Osher Fellow at the San Francisco Exploratorium, has done work with numerous other institutions and has recently co-organized a symposium on Museums and Technology for the SF Museum of Modern Art. Friedlander has lectured and written widely in these fields.

Larry will teach Next Generation Distributed Collaborative Spaces
Larry will present A Research Agenda For Designing Next Generation Learning Spaces For Universities And Museums