October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Producing Interactive Digital Media Based Exhibitions to Engage Students with Cultural Heritage: Brighton Fishing Museum, A Case Study   go to paper

David Arnold, University of Brighton, United Kingdom
Michael Danks, United Kingdom
Richard Griffiths, University of Brighton, United Kingdom
Karina Rodriguez-Echavarria, University of Brighton, United Kingdom

This paper describes the processes and outcomes from the production of an interactive exhibition devised for the Brighton Fishing Museum by post-graduate students, offering the opportunity to understand not only the museum environment and collection but also its purpose in the community as a place of and for learning. The final outcome is a sophisticated cocktail of user generated multimedia content in symbiotic relationship with the pre-existing live exhibition of artefacts housed in the museum. The conclusions drawn highlight the importance and value of activity- and game-based learning. It demonstrates the power of media production in its creation and final implementation as a learning tool within a museum environment, as well as its ability to engage young audiences with Cultural Heritage.

Session: Reaching Young People [Audiences]

Keywords: Interactive television, storytelling, cultural heritage, new learning, multimedia, user generated conten