October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Michael Danks


Michael Danks

54 Berriedale Ave
BN3 4JJ United Kingdom

Michael has worked in craft film and television production since 1977. In his time as editor, director, sound recordist and writer he was nominated for one American and two British academy awards. After being awarded a Master of Sciences at the University of Brighton in Digital Television Management and Production in 2003, he went on to research interactive television technology at the BBC. Whilst at the BBC he produced a unique interactive television museum exhibition production. The ‘Interactive Storytelling Exhibition Project’ was runner-up for the International Interactive Television AFDESI Technology and Innovation Award in 2006. In his continued professional career as a producer of multiplatform interactive television, a user-centred approach has provided the key for successful interactive storytelling. The use of interactive technologies for public engagement with Cultural Heritage has provided a focus for his academic efforts since 2006.

Michael will present Producing Interactive Digital Media Based Exhibitions to Engage Students with Cultural Heritage: Brighton Fishing Museum, A Case Study. [Paper]