October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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MUSTEL: Framing the Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Activities for Museum Visitors   go to paper

Palmyre Pierroux, University of Oslo, Norway
Dagny Stuedahl, University of Oslo, Norway
Liam Bannon, University of Limerick, Ireland
Kevin Walker, London Knowledge Lab, United Kingdom
Victor Kaptelinin, Umeå University, Sweden
Tony Hall, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

In this paper, we discuss our emerging approach to museum learning involving the use of new technologies in museums. Our approach is shaped by the experiences of the multidisciplinary EU Kaleidoscope MUSTEL team (Museums and Technology Enhanced Learning), which includes researchers with experience in art history, cultural studies, IT development, interaction design, education and learning sciences, and social science. The outline framework is grounded in a Vygotskian sociocultural approach and Leonte'v's activity concept, and has been employed in a number of design interventions in museum contexts by MUSTEL members in recent years. The group is currently engaged in collating their experiences and insights concerning the design of ICTs for museums. Several examples of our work on augmenting visitors' activities in museums through the use of ICTs are presented and discussed. These examples focus on the integration of ICTs in exhibition design, and on the design and implementation of mobile devices in art museums.

Session: In-Museum Engagement [Museum]

Keywords: activity contexts, artefacts, learning, design, sociocultural