October 24-26, 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Speaker: Dagny Stuedahl


Dagny Stuedahl

University of Oslo
Department of media and communication
Boks 1093 Blindern
0317 Norway

Dagny Stuedahl has a Master’s degree in cultural anthropology with a study on identity shaping in chat communities 1996, University of Oslo, and Dr.polit 2004 with a thesis related to a National R&D project on netbased learning that problematises multidisciplinary collaboration in participatory design project. Her individual postdoc project RENAME is focusing on digital communication of a cultural heritage reconstruction project of the third Gokstadboat, one of the Norwegian cultural heritage icons. The project, which is actually more of a programme, spans from discussions of negotiations of CIDOC CRM standards for archiving documentation material from the reconstruction process (part I), through different narrative models and concepts for communicating reconstruction projects as a nonlinear, messy process of interpretations and negotiations (part II), through to finding solutions for mobile proximate mediation of the reconstruction process that gets hidden in the finished exhibited boat (part III).

Her practical background is in physical theatre & puppetry, directing children’s theatre and radio moderating.

Dagny will present MUSTEL: Framing the Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Activities for Museum Visitors. [Paper]