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Museums and the Web 1999: Selected Papers from an international conference

Edited by David Bearman and Jennifer Trant.

Pittsburgh: Archives & Museum Informatics, 1999

Table of Contents

Introduction: the web at five

Interactivity Comes of Age: Museums and World Wide Web at Five

David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, USA

Seeing Anew: technology and visual culture

From the Mountains of the Moon to the Neon Paintbrush

Peter Walsh, USA

Sharing Experiences: interacting with others on the web

Visiting a Museum together: How to share a visit to a virtual world

Paolo Paolini, Thimoty Barbieri, Paolo Loiudice, Francesca Alonzo, Giuliano Gaia, and Marco Zantil

Collaborative digital environments for Art Education and Exploration

Slavko Milekic, USA

Case Study: Museum of the Person: a Brazilian experience of a virtual museum

Karen Worcman, José Santos Matos and Rosali Nunes Henriques, Brazil:

Case Study: In Search of Meaningful Events: Curatorial Algorithms & Malleable Aesthetics

Andy C. Deck, USA

Learning by Interacting: knowing through doing

Linking and Thinking: the Museum@School

Susan Hazan, Israel

Creating an Interactive Student Medium for Learning about the Holocaust

David Klevan & Arnold Kramer, USA

Case Study: Designing Web User Interfaces for Museum Applications to Support Different Types of Users

F. Paterno, C. Mancini, F. Alkemade, Italy

Case Study: Unlocking the "Treasure Chest" Using Scran Resources

Sandy Buchanan, Scotland

Seeking, Finding & Using: information for a purpose

Pattern-Directed Search of Archives and Collections

Garett O. Dworman, Steven O. Kimbrough, Chuck Patch, USA:

A Spatial Approach for the Access, Manipulation and Publication of Digital Library Artifacts

Dion H. Goh, John J. Leggett, USA:

Case Study: Metadata Resource Discovery and Educational Information on the Internet: The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) Project

Carrie A. Lowe, USA

Case Study: Convergence and Integration Online: The Arts and Humanities Data Service Gateway and Catalogue

Neil Beagrie, UK

Evaluating our Creations: does it work for you

"Web Musing" Evaluating Museums on the Web from Learning Theory to Museology

Lynne Teather and Kelly Wilhelm, Canada

Design Patterns for Museum Web Sites

Angela Discenza and Franca Garzotto, Italy

Case Study: A Survey of Characteristics and Patterns of Behavior in Visitors to a Museum Web Site

John Chadwick and Patricia Boverie, USA

Case Study: Time for Renovations: A Survey of Museum Web Sites

Jonathan P. Bowen, Reading University, United Kingdom

Reconstructing: making and remaking

Case Study: Inside the Meta-Center: A Cabinet of Wonder

Sarah Kenderdine, Australia

Case Study: Web Site Facelift: Revising the Finnish National Gallery Home Page

Riikka Haapalainen, Finland

Case Study: So we've got a website, now what? Reflections on renovating a large museum site

Edward J. Rodley, USA

Adjusting Social Relations: who's in charge here

On-Line Exhibit Design: The Socio-Technological Impact of Building a Museum over the World Wide Web

Paul F. Marty, USA

Copyright Obstacles To Exploiting Websites: A European View

Graham P Cornish, UK

Case Study: Cultural Heritage Outreach and Museum/School Partnerships: Initiatives at the School of Information, University of Michigan

C. Olivia Frost, USA

Case Study: Promoting a Museum Website on the Net

Giuliano Gaia, Italy

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