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Museums and the Web 2011, Selected Papers from an international conference

Edited by Jennifer Trant and David Bearman.

Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics, 2011.

[all papers presented at MW2011 are availabe in the online proceedings]


[PDF available]


David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics, Canada  ...  3

Content and its Delivery

Scholarly Information-seeking Behaviour in the British Museum Online Collection

C. Ross and M. Terras, Department of Information Studies, University College London, United Kingdom  ...  13

Integration of Print and Digital Publishing Workflows at the Art Institute of Chicago

Sam Quigley and Elizabeth Neely, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA  ...   27

Cultural Data Sculpting: Omni-spatial Visualization for Large Scale Heterogeneous Datasets

Sarah Kenderdine, CityU Hong Kong and Special Projects, Museum Victoria, and Tim Hart, Museum Victoria, Australia  ...  39

On Air, Online and Onsite: The British Museum and BBC’s “A History of the World”

Matthew Cock, British Museum; Andrew Caspari, BBC; and Katherine Campbell, BBC, United Kingdom   ...  59

One-to-One: Supporting Artist-Visitor Dialogue

Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Cogapp; Kirstie Beaven, Tate; and Ben Rubinstein, Cogapp, United Kingdom  ...   69

Taking the Museum to the Streets

Jette Sandahl and Jakob Ingemann Parby, Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark; Allan Smith, Gibson International, New Zealand; and Jakob Thorbek and Lotte Kryger Broe, Spild af Tid Aps, Denmark   ...  81

Socially Mobile

Social Media and Organizational Change

Dana Allen-Greil, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution; Susan Edwards and Jack Ludden, J. Paul Getty Trust; and Eric Johnson, Monticello, USA  ...   101

The Mystery of the “1940s Time Traveller”: The Changing Face of Online Brand Monitoring

David Harkness, Sheila Carey, and Julie Marion, Canadian HeritageInformation Network (CHIN), Canada   ...  113

Bringing Citizen Scientists and Historians Together

Fiona Romeo and Lucinda Blaser, National Maritime Museum, United Kingdom  ...   125

Going Mobile? Insights into the Museum Community’s Perspectives on Mobile Interpretation

Loïc Tallon, Pocket-Proof, United Kingdom; and Isabel Froes, Interaction Designer, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark  ...   135

Picture War Monuments: Creating an Open Source Location-based Mobile

Johan Oomen, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision; Maarten Brinkerink, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision; and David van Toor, Utrecht University, The Netherlands  ...   147

Getting On (not Under) the Mobile 2.0 Bus: Emerging Issues in the Mobile Business Model

Allegra Burnette, Museum of Modern Art; Rich Cherry, Balboa Park Online Collaborative; Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian Institution; and Peter Samis,San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA   ...  159

Beyond Reality

Mixing Realities to Connect People, Places, and Exhibits Using Mobile Augmented-Reality Applications

Rob Rothfarb, Exploratorium, USA  ...   173

Augmented Reality and the Museum Experience

Margriet Schavemaker and Hein Wils, Stedelijk Museum; Paul Stork and Ebelien Pondaag, Fabrique, The Netherlands   ...  185

Physical Keys to Digital Memories: Reflecting on the Role of Tangible Artefacts in “Reminisce”

Luigina Ciolfi and Marc McLoughlin, Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland   ...  197

MP For A Week: An Immersive Game De-mystifying the UK Parliament

Peter Stidwill, Joshua Rice and Emma-Jane Watchorn, Houses of Parliament, United Kingdom  ...   209

Playing with Difficult Objects – Game Designs to Improve Museum Collections

Mia Ridge, Science Museum, United Kingdom   ...  219

From Knowledge to Narrative – to Systems? Games, Rules and Meaning-making

David T. Schaller, Eduweb, USA  ...   231

About the Authors

Biographies  ...   243


Index to Authors, Institutions and Keywords   ...  251

Museums and the Web 2011: Proceedings (Online)

The entire Museums and the Web 2011: Proceedings, including all papers presented at the conference (with colour illustrations), abstracts of the demonstrations, and the biographies of all program participants can be found online from

All papers in this volume also appear as part of the Proceedings (online), where they include colour illustrations and links to sites mentioned.

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