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Museums and the Web 2008, Selected Papers from an international conference

Edited by Jennifer Trant and David Bearman.

Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics, 2008.



Technologies, like Museums, are Social

David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics, Canada ..... 3

1. Institutions

Towards New Metrics Of Success For On-line Museum Projects

Sebastian Chan, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia ..... 13

Social Presence: New Value for Museums and Networked Audiences

Brian Dawson, Fraser McDonald, and Gabrielle Trépanier, Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation, Canada ..... 23

Where Do We Go From Here? Continuing with Web 2.0 at the Brooklyn Museum

Shelley Bernstein, Manager of Information Systems, Brooklyn Museum, USA ..... 37

Beyond Launch: Museum Videos on YouTube

Chris Alexander, San Jose Museum of Art; Allegra Burnette, The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Daniel Dark, The Indianapolis Museum of Art; David Hart, The Museum of Modern Art, New York; Jennifer Rossi, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; and Nicole Minor, The Exploratorium, USA ..... 49

Expressing Diverse Institutional Identities through Web 2.0

Cynthia Graville-Smith, Saint Louis Science Center, USA ..... 59

2. User Participation

Who Has The Responsibility For Saying What We See? Mashing up Museum, Artist, and Visitor Voices, On-site and On-line

Peter Samis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA ..... 71

From Ladders Of Participation To Networks Of Participation: Social Media And Museum Audiences

Lynda Kelly, Australian Museum, Australia, and Angelina Russo, Swinburne Institute of Technology, Australia ..... 83

Getting “In Your Face”: Strategies for Encouraging Creativity, Engagement and Investment When the Museum is Offline

Gillian McIntyre, Ian Rubenzahl, Colin Wiginton, Art Gallery of Ontario; and Martin Lajoie, Portrait Gallery of Canada, Canada ..... 93

Bringing Cultural Heritage Into Primary School Classrooms Through Web Technology: The “Milano Romana Tecnologica” Case-Study

Franca Garzotto and Paolo Paolini, HOC- Hypermedia Open Center, Politecnico di Milano, Italy ..... 103

Teens Connect to Art and Each Other at Young People’s Laboratories for Art

Anne Tessing Skovbo Nielsen, and Tine Nygaard, Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark; and Ethan Wilde, Mediatrope Interactive, USA ..... 115

3. Web Space

Building An Adaptive Museum Gallery In Second Life

Jon Oberlander, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; George Karakatsiotis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece; Amy Isard, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; and Ion Androutsopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business, and Digital Curation Unit, Research Centre “Athena”, Greece ..... 125

Be Your Own Curator with the CHIP Tour Wizard

Yiwen Wang, Rody Sambeek, Yuri Schuurmans, and Natalia Stash, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven; Lloyd Rutledge, Telematica Insititute; Peter Gorgels, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; and Lora Aroyo, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands ..... 133

Modeling Portals for Cultural Landscapes

Leen Breure, Utrecht University; Willemke Landman, Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht; Sandor Spruit; and Hans Voorbij, Utrecht University, The Netherlands ..... 141

Hand-Held Heritage: The Development Of Mobile Applications By The Royal Commission On The Ancient And Historical Monuments Of Wales

Tom Pert, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, United Kingdom ..... 153

Cultural Heritage on the (Geographical) Map

Leila Liberge and Job Gerlings,, The Netherlands ..... 163

The Delphi Toolkit: Enabling Semantic Search for Museum Collections

Patrick L. Schmitz and Michael T. Black, University of California, Berkeley, USA ..... 173

4. Reflecting

Semantic Dissonance: Do We Need (And Do We Understand) The Semantic Web?

Ross Parry, University of Leicester; Nick Poole, The Collections Trust; and Jon Pratty, Culture 24, United Kingdom ..... 185

What Does Openness Mean To The Museum Community?

Brian Kelly, UKOLN; Mike Ellis, Eduserv; -and Ross Gardler, JISC OSS Watch, United Kingdom ..... 195

About the Authors

About the Authors ..... 205


Index to Authors, Institutions and Keywords ..... 215

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