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Museums and the Web 2007, Selected Papers from an international conference

Edited by Jennifer Trant and David Bearman.

Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics, 2007.



After the Web Page: The World as Matrix for Meaning

David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, Archives & Museum Informatics, Canada........ 3

1. Museum Applications  

Creating Museum Content and Community in Second Life

Robert J. Rothfarb and Paul Doherty, Exploratorium, USA........ 15

Operation Sigismund: Bringing An Archive Into Play

Dick van Dijk, Waag Society, The Netherlands........ 29

Supporting Social Interaction: A Collaborative Trading Game On PDA

Heleen Van Loon, Kris Gabriëls, Kris Luyten, Daniel Teunkens, Karel Robert, Karin Coninx, Expertise Centre for Digital Media, Hasselt University – Transnationale Universiteit Limburg; and Elke Manshoven, Provincial Gallo-Roman Museum, Belgium........ 41

Science Museum Learning Collaboratories: Helping to Bridge the Gap Between Museums’ Informal Learning Resources and Science Education in K-12 Schools

Ted M. Kahn, DesignWorlds for Learning, Inc., USA........ 51

When In Roam: Visitor Response To Phone Tour Pilots In The US And Europe

Nancy Proctor, Head of New Product Development, Antenna Audio, France........ 65

Petroleum Jelly Served Seven Ways or Gaining Traction in the Vaseline: Visitor Response to a Multi-Track Interpretation Design for Matthew Barney: DRAWING RESTRAINT

Peter Samis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA........ 73

2. Our Publics  

Tagging and Searching: Serendipity and Museum Collection Databases

Sebastian Chan, Powerhouse Museum, Australia........ 87

Remixing Exhibits: Constructing Participatory Narratives With On-Line Tools To Augment Museum Experiences

Matthew Fisher, Night Kitchen Interactive; and Beth A. Twiss-Garrity, The University of the Arts, USA........ 101

Bookmarking In Museums: Extending The Museum Experience Beyond The Visit?

Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, University Paris I - Sorbonne, France & Antenna Audio Ltd., United Kingdom; and Jonathan Bowen, Museophile Limited, UK........ 115

How Shall We Label Our Exhibit Today? Applying The Principles of On-Line  Publishing to an On-Site Exhibition

Ross Parry and Mayra Ortiz-Williams, University of Leicester; and Andrew Sawyer, Simulacra, United Kingdom........ 127

Personalized Museum Experience: The Rijksmuseum Use Case

Lora Aroyo, Free University Amsterdam and Eindhoven University of Technology; Rogier Brussee and Lloyd Rutledge, Telematica Instititute; Peter Gorgels, Rijksmuseum; Natalia Stash and Yiwen Wang, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands ........ 137

Visitor-Constructed Personalized Learning Trails

Kevin Walker, London Knowledge Lab, United Kingdom........ 145

3. What do they want?  

From ‘Guerrilla’ Methods to Structured Evaluations: Examples of Formative Web Design from the Exploratorium’s Evidence and Mind Projects

Sherry Hsi, Joyce Ma, Adrian Van Allen, Kristin Sikes, and Melissa Alexander, Exploratorium, USA........ 157

Cell Phones and Exhibitions 2.O: Moving Beyond the Pilot Stage

Kate Haley Goldman, Institute for Learning Innovation, USA........ 167

Do You Know Who Your Users Are? The Role of Research in Redesigning

Dana Mitroff, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and Katrina Alcorn, Hot Studio, USA........ 177

Evaluating the Impact of Participation in an On-line Citizen Science Project: A Mixed-methods Approach

Stephanie Thompson, Seavoss Associates and Rick Bonney, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, USA........ 187

Bringing User Testing Into the Classroom: The Moving Here In-Class Evaluation Programme

Nadia Arbach, The National Archives; Martin Bazley, ICT4Learning; and Nicky Boyd, Museum Learning and Evaluation Consultant, United Kingdom........ 201

One Size Does Not Fit All: Learning Style, Play, and On-line Interactives

David T. Schaller, eduweb; Minda Borun, The Franklin Institute; Steven Allison- Bunnell, eduweb; and Margaret Chambers, Consultant, USA........ 213

Audiences, Visitors, Users: Reconceptualising Users Of Museum On-line Content and Services

Darren Peacock, University of South Australia; and Jonny Brownbill, Museum Victoria, Australia........ 223

About the Authors  

Authors Biographies........ 241


Index to Authors, Institutions and Keywords........ 251

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