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Hands On: Hypermedia & Interactivity in Museums

Selected Papers from the Third International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums (ICHIM 95 / MCN 95).

Volume 2

Table of Contents (PDF)


Hands-On: A 1995 Snapshot of the Evolution of Interactive Multimedia / David Bearman, Editor / i (PDF)

Opening Plenary

Museums in the Information Age / Katherine Jones-Garmil / 1 (PDF)

The Micro Gallery - Observations from three projects: London; San Diego; Washington D.C. / Alex Morrison / 13 (PDF)

The Library of Congress's National Digital Library Program / Suzanne E. Thorin / 21 (PDF)

I. Delivery Mechanisms

Fixed Format Publishing

The Catalogue of Canadian Art on CD-ROM at the National Gallery of Canada / Pierre B. Landry / 26 (PDF)

Multimedia in Russian Museums / Lev Y. Noll / 33 (PDF)

The Rembrandt Watermark Project Compact Disk / Michael R. Skalka / 39 (PDF)

Laser Videodisc Technology - A Tool for Collections Management at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection / Kathryn Rumbold / 46 (PDF)

In-House Interactives

The Methodology of Creating a Hypermedia System - A Case Study of an Interactive Dictionary and Illustrated Guide to Ichthyology / Ryoichi Nakano / 53 (PDF)

Another Tool in the Toolbox - Prototyping a Visitor Orientation Program for the Freer Gallery of Art / Michael Edson / 60 (PDF)

Use and Embedding of Interactive Media in a Museum of Contemporary History / Hermann Schäfer / 70 (PDF)

Technology, Orientations, and the Land of Oz / Kris Morrisey / 86 (PDF)

Cleopatra: An Interactive Guide to Art of the Ancient World / Alan Newman, Ian B. Wardropper / 93 (PDF)

Hypermedia development in the Benaki Museum - Adapting the beast to the beauty: a case study / Spyros Michailidis, Leon Loissios / 107 (PDF)

Networked Access

Is Anybody Out There? (museums, audiences and the World Wide Web) / Sue Gordon / 115 (PDF)

Brokering Access to Heritage Information - CHIN's Strategy for the 90's / Barbara Lang Rottenberg / 123 (PDF)

WEB OBJECTS TIME: When Microsoft Started Speaking Like a Good Open-Standards Citizen, The Netscape Extensions Tail Tried to Wag The Dog and Object-Oriented Software Turned Static Web Pages Into Dynamically-Linked Access Boulevards to Significant Online Collection Databases / Robert MacKimmie / 131 (PDF)

Teachers' Materials on the Internet - A Progress Report / Thomas E. Lowderbaugh / 135 (PDF)

II. Collaboration and Partnerships

Museum Consortia

The Challenges of Developing a Collection of Primary Information, Media Sources and a Virtual Collection of Architectural and Artistic Works: An Experience at the Universidad Catolica de Chile / Carmen Rioseco Perry / 141 (PDF)

One common Database System for 150 Small Social History Museums / Per Vestbstad, Espen Ore / 150 (PDF)

Korean Culture and Arts Information Network / SangHun Lee, MunHo Kim, ChangJo Lee, HaeSoo Kim, Sunghoon Kim, YunHi Kang, MyoungCheol Kim / 158 (PDF)


Collaboration between Research and Development Interests - The Case of The Digital Weather Station Exhibit / Kenneth E. Hay, Ph.D., Kira S. King, Deb Hamilton, Ann E. Ray / 178 (PDF)

Teamwork & the Museum Interactive: First Experience with the Hybrid Model at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / Peter S. Samis / 187 (PDF)

Commercial Partners

The Silver Dart Project - Analysis of a Partnership / Victoria Dickenson / 201 (PDF)

Towards the Global Village - The Strategic Alliance between the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Digital Equipment of Canada / Michèle Watson / 209 (PDF)

III. Intellectual Property

New Media and Emerging Technologies - Staying Interactive in the High Tech Environment, a White Paper and Licensor Oriented Content License Agreement / Christine Steiner, Esq., Jeffrey D. Neuburger, Esq. / 219 (PDF)

Overcoming Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Complexities and Protecting and Exploiting Intellectual Property Rights in Museums / Michael Paterson / 249 (PDF)

Legal Aspects of Multimedia in Europe / Thomas Hoeren / 264 (PDF)

IV. Abstracts

Low Light Photography of Paintings / Benoy K. Behl / 279 (PDF)

Beyond WWW and HTML - Standards for Cultural Heritage Information: The RAMA Perspective / Dominique Delouis / 281 (PDF)

Digital Fidelity in an Age of Immaculate and Pernicious Reproduction / Steve Dietz / 283 (PDF)

Museums and Art on the Internet / Susan Hazan / 284 (PDF)

Electronic Imaging and Conservation / Alan B. Newman, Frank Zuccari / 286 (PDF)

Biographies / 288 (PDF)


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