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Multimedia Computing and Museums

Selected Papers from the Third International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums (ICHIM '95 / MCN '95).

Volume 1

Table of Contents (PDF)


Multimedia Computing and Museums - Technology, Knowledge Representation and Cultural Heritage / David Bearman, Editor (PDF)

I. Museums


A Distributed Hypermedia on Archaeology in Tuscany / Oreste Signore, Giuseppe Fresta, Mario Loffredo (PDF)

GENREG - A Simple and Flexible System for Object Registration at The National Museum of Denmark / Lene Rold (PDF)

A Multimedial Database System - Managing a Virtual Collection of Art and Architectural Works / Alicia M. Musalem (PDF)

A Model for Museum Outreach Based on Shared Interactive Spaces / Carol Strohecker (PDF)


Evaluation of Hypermedia Systems in Museums / Andreas M. Heinecke (PDF)

Evaluating Scientific Visualizations / Robert Garfinkle, Vivian Johnson, Ph.D. (PDF)

An Approach to the Digital Museum - Multimedia Systems for an Ethnology Museum / Jung-Kook Hong, Junichi Takahashi, Masahiro Kusaba, Shigeharu Sugita (PDF)

The Amparo Museum Experience / Angeles Expinosa Yglesias, Lucina Moreno Valle (PDF)

The MultiMedia Playground - Experiments in the Design of Multimedia Exhibitions / Robert J. Semper (PDF)

The Museum in Society

Cultural Heritage Information - Public Policy Choices / Lyn Elliot Sherwood (PDF)

Multimedia and Networks Teach About Museums - Issues in Maintaining a WWW Site to Facilitate Distance Learning / Howard Besser (PDF)

Extended Engagement - Real Time, Real Place in Cyberspace / Selma Thomas, Larry Friedlander (PDF)

II. Multimedia Technology

Managing Images

Specifics of Imaging Practice / Michael Ester (PDF)

Beyond the Visible - Infrared Imaging for Museums / Dr. Gregory H. Bearman, Sheila I. Spiro (PDF)

Three-Dimensional Object Modeling - Towards Improving Access to Collections by Virtualizing Reality / Rejean Baribeau, Marc Rioux, Guy Godin (PDF)

Cinematic Imaging of Works of Art - Exploring the advantages of computer simulated camera techniques / Scott Sayre, Ed.D. (PDF)

Digital Imaging and Preservation - Oversize Color Illustrations / Janet Gertz (PDF)

Design Issues

Modelling Links in Hypertext/Hypermedia / Oreste Signore (PDF)

User Interaction Styles in Museum Hypermedia / Franca Garzotto, Luca Mainetti, Paolo Paolini (PDF)

Multipublication and the Design of Hypermedia Documents / Gunnar Liestol (PDF)

Quest for the golden apples of the Hesperides - Hypermedia design for an archaeological exhibition / Maria Economou (PDF)

Words and Intellectual Access

Ceci n'est pas une pipe - Indexing of Images / Jan H.E. van der Starre (PDF)

An Approach to Indexing Annotated Images / Panos Constantopoulos, Martin Doerr (PDF)

Index Access Points in a Study of Intellectual Access to Digitized Art Images / Samantha Kelly Hastings (PDF)

Material Culture in the Computer Age - An Assessment of the Parks Canada Terminology Record as a Means of Storing Conceptual Data / Raymond Pepermans (PDF)

Taxonomic Distance - Classification and Navigation / Douglas Tudhope, Carl Taylor, Paul Beynon-Davies (PDF)


Points of View / Jane Sledge (PDF)

Framing the Picture - Standards for Imaging Systems / Jennifer Trant (PDF)

Getting a Handle on Exhibition Catalogues - the Project CHIO DTD / Richard Light (PDF)

Biographies (PDF)

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