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Museums and Interactive Multimedia

Selected papers from the second International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums, Cambridge, England, 1993

Edited by Diane Lees.

Table of Contents (PDF)

Forward (PDF)

Acknowledgments (PDF)

I. Applications in Museums

Applications in Museums, Xavier Perrot (PDF)

Multimedia Collection Databases

High resolution digital image storage at the National Railway Museum, York, Ben Booth, Christine Heap (PDF)

Museum and interactive multimedia information service, Michel Lefftz, Christine Demblon (PDF)

Ethnographic treasuries in the computer: Electronic access to a total museum collection, Tine Wanning (PDF)

Multimedia in Exhibitions

Multimedia in exhibitions, Jane Callaghan (PDF)

Free the visitors: the museum's documentation through interactive systems, Suzanne Jean (PDF)

The evolution of interactive interpretive media:A Report on discovery and progress at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Scott Sayre (PDF)

A comparison of museum exhibits in three areas: art, sports, and science, Carol Strohecker (PDF)

Multimedia in Interpretation

Multimedia in interpretation, Selma Thomas (PDF)

Making the punishment fit the crime:Integrated interactive systems in the Museum, Larry Friedlander (PDF)

The electronic guide at the museum of Dion, Nikolaos Dessipris (PDF)

Education and access, the New National Gallery videodisc on American Art, Ruth Perlin (PDF)

The City as a Model for Hypermedia Applications

Visualisation of historic urban data, Howard Besser (PDF)

Malmö in time and space, Annika Beergquist, Lena Wilhelmsson (PDF)

HyperMilano: hypermedia navigation in a city information point, Franca Garzotto, Luca Mainetti, Paolo Paolini (PDF)

Local and Wide Area Networking

Networking multimedia, John Perkins (PDF)

SuperJANET: multimedia information services over a gigabit network, Michael Breaks (PDF)

The holy grail of museum multimedia: Moving beyond the box, Jim Oker (PDF)

Telecommunications in museums, Dominique Delouis (PDF)

Low Cost Software Applications

Impact and Implications of Multimedia: Low-cost software applications, Ecaterina Geber (PDF)

Dynamic hypermedia from a museum database: The Gold of Greece Application, Costis J. Dallas, Franca Garzotto (PDF)

Impact and Implications of Multimedia: The commonwealth information database:A case study - Multimedia on a shoestring, Scott Ewings (PDF)

Impact and Implications of Multimedia: The Portinari Project
Science and art team up together to help cultural projects, R S G Lanzelotte (PDF)

II. Design and Development

Design and Development of Systems for Museums and Galleries, James Hemsley (PDF)

Design Principles and Concept

Engaging the visitor:Relevance, participation and motivation in hypermedia design, Jonathan Cooper (PDF)

Interacting with works of art - with and without computers, Alex Morrison (PDF)

Multimedia interface design, Tom Wujec (PDF)

Interface Issues

Hypermuse: A prototype hypermedia front-end for museum information systems, Anne Fahy, Alan Poulter, Goff Sargent (PDF)

Evaluating interface design through user data collection: A study at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Lisa Nebenzahl (PDF)

A hypertext for an interactive visit to a science and technology museum, Oreste Signore, S Malasoma, R Tarchi, L Tunno, G Fresta (PDF)

Retrieval Strategies

Retrieval Strategies, Howard Besser (PDF)

From text to image: An experimental multimedia information system based on querying texts in natural language, Anne-Marie Guimier-Sorbets (PDF)

The visual thesaurus: a practical application, Corinne Jörgensen, Peter Jörgensen, Matt Hogan (PDF)

Automatic system for lexicon control of iconographic description
In the Accademis Carrara Painting Database, Matteo Panzeri (PDF)


The CIMI standards framework and the interchange of multimedia information, John Perkins (PDF)

Developing text standards, Susan Hockey (PDF)

Legal and Copyright Issues

Legal and copyright issues, Jeremy Rees (PDF)

Mulltimedia licensing contracts: uses and rights, Christine Steiner (PDF)

Publishing and Distributing

Publishing and distributing, Jostein Hauge (PDF)

Interactive multimedia for museum publishing, Jim Hoekema (PDF)

CD-I applications at the British Golf Museum And the United States Golf Association Museum and Library, Peter Lewis, Karen Bednarski (PDF)

Interactive mulltimedia in small museums and archives A case study, Peter Olaf Looms (PDF)

III. Impact and Implications of Multimedia

Impact and implications of multimedia, Kent Lydecker (PDF)

International Co-operation

International Co-operation, Andrew Roberts (PDF)

Network of art research computer image systems in Europe (NARCISSE), Christian Lahanier, Michel Aubert (PDF)

International Co-operation:A project in theory and practice, Jeremy Rees (PDF)

Visual arts network for the exchange of cultural knowledge (VAN EYCK), Jan van der Starre (PDF)

National Developments

Multimedia and central, Eastern Europe (CEE), Ecaterina Geber (PDF)

Why and how, multimedia - the Japanese situation, Eiji Mizushima (PDF)

Multimedia in museum, museum in multimedia, Lev Noll (PDF)

Inter-Institutional Co-operation

Inter-institutional co-operation and interactive multimedia, David Bearman (PDF)

Eight European museum teaming up for EMN: And where to go from now, Achim Lipp, Winfried Schmitz-Esser (PDF)

Inter-institutional co-operation in multimedia production, Simon Hill (PDF)

Impact on Museum Profession

Impact on museum profession, Tine Wanning (PDF)

Museums, information and multimedia, John Burnett, Ian Morrison (PDF)

Hypertext and museum documentation, Ana Garvas Delic, Jadranka Vinterhalter (PDF)

Changing Institutional Environments

The rocky road to multimedia: museum politics and institutional change, Peter Samis (PDF)

Multimedia Technology at the Orsay Museum Institutional experience and future prospects, Françoise le Coz, Fabrice Lemessier (PDF)

Design driven organisation Extending the museum context, Robert Semper, Kristina Hooper Woolsey (PDF)

Multimedia and the politics of museum organisational change, Philip Yenawine (PDF)

Impact on Schools and Museum Studies

Impact on schools and museum studies, Anne Fahy (PDF)

Multimedia, museum studies, a bridge, Georgia Freedman-Harvey (PDF)

"Virtual museum" for school children, Olga Kissel (PDF)

Biographies (PDF)

References (PDF)

Index (PDF)


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