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Hypermedia & Interactivity in Museums

Bearman, David, ed. Hypermedia & Interactivity in Museums, Proceedings of an International Conference, Pittsburgh: Archives & Museum Informatics, 1991.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Interactive and Hypermedia in Museums

By David Bearman (PDF)

I. The Changing Museum

Chapter 2
Museums as Hypermedia: Interativity on Museum-wide

By Stephen Alsford (PDF)

Chapter 3
Virtual Museums and Virtual Realitites

By Dennis Tsichritzis and Simon Gibbs (PDF)

II. Museum Issues

A. Design

Chapter 4
Multimedia Design Research for the Museum Education Consortium's Museum Visitors Prototype

By Kathleen S. Wilson (PDF)

Chapter 5
Designing the Public Interface

By John Driscoll (PDF)

Chapter 6
Multimedia in Public Space

By Kristina Woolsey and Rob Semper (PDF)

B. Evaluation

Chapter 7
Evaluating Museum Visitors' Use of Interactive Video

By Tine Wanning (PDF)

Chapter 8
Image Databases for Museum Staff, Visitors and the Outside World: The Same Basic Material?

By Tine Wanning (PDF)

Chapter 9
How People Use Electronic Interactives in Information Age - People, Information & Technology

By David K. Allison and Tom Gwaltney (PDF)

Chapter 10
Evaluation of Hypermedia and Interactivity in the Museum: A Constructivist approach to Instructional Design

By Andrew J. Peterson, Ph.D. (PDF)

C. Implementation

Chapter 11 Reliability of Interactive Computer Exhibits or, Why Doesn't This @#!!#& Thing Work?

By Jim Oker (PDF)

III. Museum Projects

Chapter 12
History Information Stations at the Oakland Museum

By Deborah Cooper and Jim Oker (PDF)

Chapter 13
Computer-Assisted Drafting and Design Programs for Architectural History and Archaeology

By Harrison Eiteljorg, II (PDF)

Chapter 14
Electrifying Shakespeare: Modern Day Technology in a Renaissance Museum

By Larry Friedlander (PDF)

Chapter 15
Treasures of the Smithsonian: A Museum Orientation You can Take Home

By Jim Hoekema (PDF)

Chapter 16
When One Interactive System is not Enough

By Deborah Seid Howes (PDF)

Chapter 17
Taking the British Golf Museum Home

By Peter N. Lewis (PDF)

Chapter 18
Design Considerations for Interactive Videodisc

By Howard Litwak (PDF)

Chapter 19
Image Storage and Retrieval: A Tool For Museum Collection Management

By Richard Llewellyn (PDF)

Chapter 20
So, What Do You Want To See? Designing the User Interface for Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Navy An Interactive Multi-media Database Display

By John Loven (PDF)

Chapter 21 I
Interactive Media & the Museum Experience

By Selma Thomas (PDF)

Chapter 22
A New Learning Environment The NeoMuseum/Children's Media Museum Prototype

By Nobuyuki Ueda and Mark D. Gross (PDF)

Chapter 23
The Meanings of Images Across Cultures

By Chantal Cornuejois and Kathryn A. Murphy-Judy (PDF)

Chapter 24
The Visual Thesaurus in a Hypermedia Environment: A Preliminary Exploration of Conceptual Issues and Applications

By Matthew Hogan, Corinne Jorgensen, Peter Jorgensen (PDF)

Chapter 25
Full-Body Interactive Exhibits

By Myron W. Krueger (PDF)

Chapter 26
Intellectual Property and Multimedia

By Peter Olaf Looms (PDF)

Chapter 27
Exploring Mechanisms to Overcome Economic Disincentives to Rights Holders

By Nathan Benn (PDF)

Chapter 28
Intellectual Property and Interactive Multimedia Collaborations

By Jeremy Rees (PDF)

Chapter 29
Color and Range Sensing for Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums

By R. Baribeau, J.M. Taylor, M. Rioux and G. Godin (PDF)

Chapter 30
VASARI A European Approach to Exploring the Use of Very High Quality Imaging Technology to Painting Conservation and Art History Education

By Anthony Hamber, James Hemsley (PDF)

Chapter 31
From Prototype to Production in Hypermedia Projects

By Robert J. Glushko (PDF)

Chapter 32
Economic and Design Issues of Large-Scale Multimedia Databases

By Peter Olaf Looms (PDF)

Chapter 33
Using Standards to Facilitate Access and Reuse of Museum Information

By Judi Moline (PDF)

VI. Abstracts and Brief Communications

Chapter 34
The Cape Dorset Project: Using Optical Disc Technology to Preserve and Access the Artistic Heritage of an Arctic Community

By Heather Ardies (PDF)

Chapter 35
Information Retrieval or Instruction? Combining the Differing Multimedia Information Needs of Museums, Universities, & Libraries

By Howard Besser (PDF)

Chapter 36
The Micro Gallery: A Multimedia Resource for the Gallery Visitor

By Martin Ellis (PDF)

Chapter 37
Projects in Interactivity in India Problems and Opportunities

By George Jacob (PDF)

Chapter 38 Interactivity for Handicapped Access

By Margareta Jaric (PDF)

Chapter 39
Cultural and Technological Resources at the National Gallery of Art Issues in Preparing for Electronic Collaboration

By Kim Nielson (PDF)

Chapter 40
Planning Exhibit and Publication from the First

By James L. Sheldon (PDF)

Chapter 41
Visualizing Ancient Greece: The Sacred Way Project

By Philip Smith and Gary Lock (PDF)

Chapter 42
The Museum Education Consortium: A Profile

By Susan Stedman (PDF)

Chapter 43
Holotheque: A Multimedia Database System for Ethnology Studies

By Shigeharu Sugita (PDF)

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