April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Workshops: Description

Keeping the focus on Learning in e-Learning: a practical guide to developing e-Learning resources

Rose Cardiff, Tate, United Kingdom
Carolyn Royston, Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom

This half-day workshop will focus on how to develop effective online learning resources. It is aimed at educators and content producers and will provide practical guidance on how to develop e-Learning resources using museum collections.

The workshop will cover:

  • Methods on how to plan for your resource
  • How to develop an online learning framework
  • Guidelines for writing online content
  • Suggestions for user testing

The emphasis of the workshop will be on how to achieve the learning objectives for your online resource, and how technology can be used effectively to achieve those aims.

The workshop will use the methodology developed in the National Museums Online Learning Project (NMOLP), a partnership project involving 9 UK national museums and galleries. The project is developing a range of innovative and exciting online learning resources across the nine websites for pupils and teachers, and lifelong learners.

In this workshop, we will focus on the resources created for pupils and teachers. These resources aim to promote open-ended investigation to solve specific tasks. The activities present a task or range of tasks that require pupils to use at least 3 partner collections online for their research and exploration, recording of information, and towards their presentation of ideas. Partners have worked collaboratively to develop a learning framework informed by user testing with pupils and teachers, a comprehensive curriculum-based content plan, and tools to support the writing of the resources.

The workshop will use examples developed from the project and show how they can be adapted to fit a range of online learning projects – both small and large-scale.

Participants are also invited to bring their own ideas for online resources to the workshop where there will be opportunities to discuss how to develop their ideas further and provide practical guidance on next steps.

Workshop: Learning in e-Learning [Morning]

Keywords: learning, e-Learning, content, cross-collection, collaboration, learning framework, user testing