April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Workshops: Description


Willy Lee, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA
Charles Moad, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

This half day workshop will introduce the tagger and show practical ways of using the tagger in your museum web site. Examples will range from installing stand alone versions of the tagger with your own brand and identity to integration with existing online collections databases.

Why Steve tagger?

If it's just about gathering words from users, why go through a project as large and complex as The team is a group of museum technologists building this application uniquely for the museum community. As such, we are continually adding features for data analysis, term expansion, and other useful features. By sharing in the platform, your institution can easily download and install these extensions as they are developed. By working with the team, you can also contribute your work back to the community at large.

What will you learn?

  • What does Steve do?
  • Installing Steve
  • Skinning Steve
  • Steve as a Quick Way to Get Your Collection Online
  • Integrating Steve into Your Existing Online Collection Application
  • Case Studies
    • Pachyderm
    • ArtsConnectEd?
  • How to Participate in Steve Development

Who should attend?

Some knowledge of developing dynamic web sites is useful for this workshop. All participants will get an overview of what can be done with the tagger software and an opportunity to contribute ideas for further development. Beginning developers will learn how to install the tagger on a shared web server and change the css and image assets to match their own look and feel. More advanced developers will learn how to integrate the tagger software into other applications through Steve's rich API.

Workshop: Using [Afternoon]

Keywords: open source, web 2.0, steve,, tagger, tagging