Speaker: Vincent Puig
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Vincent Puig

Deputy Director
Centre Pompidou
Cultural Development
4 rue Beaubourg
75191 France

In 1993, Vincent Puig started a new activity at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou as Director of External relations. At this time he designed a new service for Ircam Software distribution in the form of a User Group which gathered more than 5000 users worldwide since its creation. In 1995 he launched an Internet project for professional studios named Studio On Line which offered on the Web a large database of more than 120.000 samples of instruments together with unique online retrieval and processing functions. From 1998 to 2000 he has been coordinator of a European working group on content processing of music in relation with MPEG7 (CUIDAD - Esprit program) and in the context of the HARMONICA project, leader of a group studying Music Information user needs and interfaces, in collaboration with the French National Library. Within CUIDAD he managed a team working on instrument timbre descriptors and co-chaired the MPEG7 audio AdHoc Group. In September 2000 he chaired the audio sessions during the first MPEG7 International Awareness Meeting. In 1999, he designed and presented successfully with Sony CSL, CreamWare and other partners a new project on content-based audio and music retrieval called CUIDADO (IST) with innovative outputs such as Audio Fingerprinting, Music Summary, Music Browser and Sound Palette. Following CUIDADO he presented successfully in 2003, Semantic HIFI, a European project for the HIFI of the future in collaboration with Sony, and DVD on demand a French project with MPO. Under the impulsion of Bernard Stiegler, director of Ircam since Jan 2002, he launched Resonances (International Convention on Technologies for Music) and Ircam Hypermedia Studio dedicated to new forms of authoring and publication tools for “Assisted listening” and Web radio programs. He has been Vice-president for Europe of the International Computer Music Association until Jan 2004. Since 2003, he managed the Musique Lab project aimed at developing education tools with French Ministries of Education and Culture. In April 2006, he became Deputy Director of Centre Pompidou Cultural Development Dpt. in charge of the newly founded Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI).

Vincent will present Lignes de temps: Involving cinema exhibitions visitors in mobile and on-line film annotation. [Paper]