April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Sessions: Abstract

Lignes de temps: Involving cinema exhibitions visitors in mobile and on-line film annotation   go to paper

Vincent Puig, Centre Pompidou, France
Xavier Sirven, Centre Pompidou, France

From September 19, 2007 to January 21, 2008, Centre Pompidou is presenting the exhibition called ‘Erice – Kiarostami: correspondences’ suggesting travels through the two directors’ films, exploring relations between films, photos and paintings and presenting ‘video correspondence’ exchanged by the two directors. Although the exhibition has been presented previously in Barcelona and Madrid, the Paris edition features a radically new experimentation performed by the newly founded Centre Pompidou Research and Innovation Institute. The experimental set-up is built around new film annotation software called Lignes de temps (Timelines) bringing a graphical representation which immediately reveals the inner ‘rhythm’ of the movies, be it based on technical features (shot, sequence, camera moves, audio elements ...) or on narrative features (characters, landscapes, flash-backs ...). Also, Lignes de Temps may be superimposed to reveal co-occurrences, repetitions or mirror effects in one film or across several. For the exhibition, visitors are fitted with PDA and encouraged to write and record notes during their visit. By the end of the exhibition, a dedicated place called ‘Espace critique’ (a place to criticize) offers 8 computers where the comments recorded on PDA may be reworked, synchronized with the films and shared with other visitors.

Session: Enhanced Galleries [Exhibitions]

Keywords: cinema exhibition, film annotation, mobile annotation, collaborative Web site, personalization, rich media