April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

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Vodcasting: 5 easy steps to film an interview and get it online in a day! - FULL   go to paper

Katie Dance, Tate, United Kingdom
Tim Svenonius, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA
Stephanie Pau, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA
Peter Samis, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA
Tana Johnson, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA

This hands-on workshop will show how simple and cheap it is to create high-quality, media-rich content for online distribution. Workshop attendees will be taken through a simple 5 step cycle in how to create and launch an artist's video interview, in just a day.

The steps:

  1. Prepare questions (tailor standard questions)
  2. Film interview (equipment choices, lighting and audio tips, style and technique)
  3. Edit and encode video (software, process and quality)
  4. Sign off with artist (copyright and approval)
  5. Launch and link (promote and enjoy)

Participants will be encouraged make a video interview at the conference to see just how easily vodcasts can be created. The workshop will enable them to return to their organisations with the skills and confidence to create and distribute digital video cheaply, quickly and in-house.

Workshop: Vodcasting [Afternoon]

Keywords: artists, interviews, video, in-house production, vodcast, podcast