Speaker: Tana Johnson
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Tana Johnson

Program Manager, Interactive Educational Technologies
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Education Department
151 Third Street
San Francisco CA
94103 USA

Tana Johnson brings experience in video, teaching, and curriculum development to her position as Producer and Instructional Designer on SFMOMA''s Interactive Educational Technologies team. The former Coordinator of School and Teacher Programs at SFMOMA, Johnson spearheaded highly successful youth arts programs: SFMOMA Teen Visionaries, High School M.E.D.I.A., and SFMOMA Matches. Currently, Johnson is co-directing a documentary film on self-taught African-American artists called "No One Has Taught Me" and is a proud mother of two. Johnson graduated with an M.A. of distinction from San Francisco State University''s Inter-Arts Department in 1996.

Tana will teach Vodcasting: 5 easy steps to film an interview and get it online in a day! - FULL. [Workshop]