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published: March 2004
analytic scripts updated:  October 28, 2010

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Museum and the Web Scholarships
Scholarships ensure representation from around the world


Once again, Archives & Museum Informatics has offered scholarships to enable the participation of museum professionals from around the world. The 2004 Recipients are

Margarita Figueroa (Costa Rica)

Margarita Figueroa is a Graduate Student in Cultural History and Communication at the Universitât de Barcelona, Spain. She was involved in the production of a past Best of the Web award winning site, Instituto Latinoamericano de Museologia, ILAM: http://www.ilam.org

Fabio Gouveia (Brazil)

Fabio Gouveia is a Science Communicator, Website and Multimedia developer at Museu da Vida - Fiocrua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bernardo Uribe Mendoza (Columbia)

Bernardo Uribe Mendoza is a professor and researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Born 1954, Bucaramanga, Colombia; Architect Universidad de los Andes, Bogotà, Colombia; Technische Universitât Berlin, Germany Specialization in Architecture; Postgraduate work on Art & Architecture, Kunstakademie Dûsseldorf, Germany. Current project: Theatre of Memory in Virtual Worlds: http://www.unal.edu.co/iie/bu/hpiie_bu.htm

Renate Meyer (South Africa)

Renate Meyer is currently employed as Senior Audio Visual Archivist at the Centre for Popular Memory, UCT. She is involved in archiving and training around digital dissemination, web based media, preservation and developing audiovisual exhibitions and output in the heritage arena. Meyer has a direct interest in the use of the web and technology as a tool for education and dissemination and developing effective practice for using this technology to service communities not usually exposed to interactive web media. She has published and lectured extensively on these issues and the role of archives and cultural practice in reconciliation of volatile civil societies and has been involved in many levels of heritage practice, including working as a curator in NGO's such as the District Six Museum, as well as Provincial government and Parliament.

Veronica Uribe Uribe (Columbia)

Veronica Uribe is the Virtual Library Manager of the Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, at the Banco de la Republica de Colombia: http://www.lablaa.org/


Museums and the Web also offered complementary registration to students and professionals from small institutions, in return for assistance with on-site conference administration.

All the volunteer spaces for MW2004 are taken.