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Scott Sayre is the Director of Museum Media and Technology at The
Minneapolis Institute of Arts and has over fifteen years of experience
developing education multimedia programming. In 1997 Scott led the formation of a collaborative online partnership with the Walker Art Center resulting in the development of ArtsConnectEd, a comprehensive resource for teacher and students. Scott's other projects include the development of the MIA's web-site in 1993 and the formation of the Institutes in-house Interactive Media Group in early 1991, which has produced and installed fifteen interactive multimedia programs throughout the museum's galleries. Prior to Scott's work at the Institute, Scott held the position of Applications Researcher as the University of Minnesota's Telecommunications Development Center. Scott has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Minnesota and in 1996 received the Larry Wilson Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Non-School Environment. Scott has taught courses on Flash, computer imaging and video production for Educators.

Scott will be the lead instructor for QuickTime™ "Survivor" Style: Unearthing the new interactive media features.

Scott will be the co-instructor for Connecting with the K-12 Teaching and Learning Community.

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