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Paul Kahn is currently an independent teacher, writer, and information architecture consultant. He was co-founder and President of Dynamic Diagrams from 1991 until it became part of ingenta in the fall of 2000. He served as Chief Technology Officer of ingenta until leaving to pursue independent projects. He holds a degree in English Literature from Kenyon College. His work with text processing systems began at Harvard University in 1977 as an analyst and production editor, and continued in the role of an application specialist for Atex, Inc. and as a member of the hypertext research staff at Brown University's Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship (IRIS), where he served as director from 1990-94. He taught interactive design part-time at Rhode Island School of Design from 1996-2001. He is the co-author of Mapping Web Sites (with Krzysztof Lenk), From Memex to Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and the Mind's Machine (with James Nyce) and portfolios published by Richard Saul Wurman in Information Architects and Understanding USA. He has published articles and conference papers in graphic design and computer science journals. He is currently based in Paris, France.

Paul will teach Web Site Information Architecture: Planning and Designing Information Collections for the Web.

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