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Achieving a New Vision for Electronic Records at the National Archives of Canada
Alabama Department of Archives and History, Government Records Division

Andersson, Ulf "Annotated Bibliography on Electronic Records"
"The Archival Management of Personal Records in Electronic Form: Some Suggestions"
Archives Authority of New South Wales "Assessing the Need: What Information and Activities Should We Preserve?"
Australian Archives Australian Council on Archives Australian Standard® AS4390
"Background Briefing on the State of Electronic Records Research and Implementation Across the World."
Bantin Philip C.
Barata, Kimberly J.
Barry, Richard E. Bearman, David
Benidir, Samia
Berkowski, Gerry
Bernbom, Gerald
Better Records Initiative
Binns, Steve Blake, Richard Bowen, David Carty, Andy
"Catching the Multimedia Intranet Train Before It Leaves the Station"
"Checklist of Good Practice for Electronic Records Management"
City of Philadelphia
Claxton, Mark
"Consensus, Communication, and Collaboration: Fostering Multidisciplinary Cooperation in Electronic Records Management"
Corporate Memory in the Electronic Age -- Statement of a Common Position on Electronic Recordkeeping
Cox, Richard J. Cunningham, Adrian

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D, E, F

David, Alun
"Data and Document Interchange Standards: A View from the National Archives of Canada"
Day, Michael
The Delaware Project: Ensuring Our Electronic Legacy
Desktop Management -- Guidelines for Managing Electronic Documents and Directories
"Disc Players, the Records Manager/Archivist and the Development of Optical Imaging Applications"
Document Management for the Enterprise: Principles, Techniques, and Applications
"Document Management System Workshop"
Documenting the Future -- Policy and Strategies for Electronic Recordkeeping in the New South Wales Public Sector
Duff, Wendy

Duranti, Luciana "The Dutch Experience in the Field of Electronic Records"
"Electronic Recordkeeping. Accountants and the Internal Revenue Service: Accountability with Teeth in the Electronic Age"
Electronic Records:Literature Review
Electronic Records Programs: Report on the 1994/95 Survey
Electronic Records Research and Development, Final Report of the 1996 Ann Arbor Conference
Elements of an Archival Electronic Records Program
"Ensuring Essential Evidence"
Environmental Protection Agency
Erlandsson, Alf
"EROS: Case Studies: Department of Health: Management of Electronic Documents Strategy"
"EROS: Case Studies: Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): Minerva Project"
"EROS Case Study: HM Treasury: Electronic Document Management Strategy"
"EROS Industry Change Programme -- Strategy"
"Extending EDMS to Encompass ARM Requirements at the World Bank"
Flynn, Mike
Fonseca, Ana Flavia
"The Fourth Leg of the Chair"
"Frequently Asked Questions: IRIS Features and Limitations"
"From Paper to Digital Records Management"
From Policy to Practice: A Whole of Government Approach to Records Management in New South Wales
Functional Analysis of Alabama Government
Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping

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G, H, I

Guercio, Maria

Guide for Managing Electronic Records from an Archival Perspective
Guidelines for the Destruction of Ephemeral, Facilitative and Duplicate Records
Guidelines for the Use of Digital Imaging Technologies for Long-Term Government Records in Alabama
Hedstrom, Margaret Hofman, Johans Hopkins, Diane
"How Do We Make Electronic Records Accessible and Usable"
Identification and Control of Business Records and Metadata at Information and Process Modelling
"Identification and control of documentary and business procedures: an integrated model for accountability and transparency in the public sector"
The Indiana University Electronic Records Project
"The Indiana University Electronic Records Project: Analyzing Functions, Identifying Transactions, and Evaluating Recordkeeping Systems -- A Report on Methodology"
"Information Management and Office Systems Advancement"
International Council on Archives Introducing Electronic Recordkeeping [brochure]
Italian National Archives

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J, K, L

"Journey to the End of the Night: Custody and the Dawning of a New Era on the Archival Threshold"
Judge, Simon
Keeping Electronic Records: Policy for Electronic Recordkeeping in the Commonwealth Government
Lawrence, Karl

Legal Admissibility of Public Records

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M, N, O

Anne Marie Makarenko
Macfarlane, Ian

MacNeil, Heather
Managing Electronic Messages as Records
Managing Electronic Records: A Shared Responsibility
"Managing Records in the Modern Office: Taming the Wild Frontier."
"Management of Electronic Records in the Electronic Work Environment -- Overview"
Martin, Ann McDonald, John "Media Migration: A New Issue that Needs New Accounting"
"Metro Airport Reflections on Electronic Records R&D"
"More Than Diplomatic: Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping"
Moscato, Luisa
"Multidisciplinary Aspects of Electronic Documents, Concept of Electronic Documents Life Cycle, Characteristics and Links with Information Flow/Workflow"
Miller, Michael L. Murdock, Alan National Archives of Canada National Archives of the Netherlands
"The New Paradigms of Managing Electronic Records/Images"
"Obstacles to Overcome for a Successful Enterprise Document Management System Initiative"
"Organizational Obstacles to Managing Electronic Records: Corporate Dis-eases to Overcome for a Successful Initiative"
O'Shea, Greg "Overview of the EROS (Electronic Records from Office Systems) Programme"

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P, Q, R

"P-WORM, E-WORM, S-WORM: Is a Sausage a Wienie?"
Keith Parrot
Parsons, Tony
Personal Recordkeeping: Issues and Perspectives: Theme Issue of Archives and Manuscripts
Pfizer Central Research

Philadelphia Electronic Records Project
Pigliapoco, Stefano
Policy on Electronic Messages as Records: Final Draft
Powell, Sheila Preservation of Electronic Information: A Bibliography
Preservation of the Integrity of Electronic Records
"PRO Electronic Records in Office Systems Programme, Industry Change (sub-) Programme (EROS-ISP) -- Joint British Standards Institution and Public Record office Standards Working Group IDT/1/4"
"Product List for the Information Management Standards and Practices Division"
Products of the Committee on Electronic Records (Summary)
"The Protection of the Integrity of Electronic Records: An Overview of the UBC-MAS Research Project"
Provincial Archives of Manitoba
Public Officials: Your Records Responsibilities and the Law
Public Record Office, UK ["Crown copyright. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Britannic Majesty's Stationary Office."] "Records in an Electronic Environment: Definition, Nature and Functional Requirements of a Recordkeeping System"
Records Management Survey 1996
Report on the Status of the Electronic Records Program at the National Archives of Canada
"Research Issues in Archival Bond"
"Research Issues in Australia Approaches to Policy Development"
Research Issues in Electronic Records [US NHPRC]
"Research Issues in Interfaces for the Capture of Business Processes"
"Research Issues in Literary Warrant"
"Research Issues in Metadata"
"Research Issues in Migration and Long-Term Preservation"
"Research Issues in Migration Strategies within an Electronic Archive"
"Research Issues in Records Management Theory, Modelling, and Practice"
"Research Issues in Strategic Approaches to Policy Development"
"Research Issues in Systems Implementation, Risks, and Tradeoffs"
Roberts, David Ryan, David

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S, T, U

Samuel, Jean

SESAM: Philosophy and Rules Concerning Electronic Archives and Authenticity
Smith, David
Soutar, Ian
Standards Australia
Steering Into the Future: Electronic Recordkeeping in New South Wales
"Survey of Systems and Procedures for the Management of Electronic Records in Office Systems in Government: Summary of Analysis"
Sutton, Michael Thiele, Harold
Tombs, Kenneth
"Transient Compound Document (TCD): A New Type of Business Document that Needs to be Managed"
Underwood, William E.
United States, Alabama. United States, Delaware. United States. National Historical Publications and Records Commission [NHPRC] University of British Columbia Research Project
University of Pittsburgh Research Project

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Wallace, David
Waugh, Kevin
Whole of Government Framework for Records Management: Standards, Guidelines and Other Products
Wilkinson, Richard
Williams, Robert F.

World Bank

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