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Museums and the Web Benchmarking Survey

Each financial cycle museum Webmasters struggle to justify their budget requests. Whenever statistical reports are circulated someone asks, "How do we compare?" When exploring the benefits of a new function, Web teams ask themselves "Is it worth the investment?" Answers to these questions are hard to come by.

To help fill this void in our knowledge about museums' use of the Web, we've conducted what we hope will be an regular survey of Museums and the Web.

The Results: 2005

Survey responses have been assembled into a summary report.

Institutions who completed the full survey will have access to anonymized results. No data will be distributed or published that identifies individuals or individual museums.

The Survey

Museum Webmasters were asked to co-ordinate an institutional response to this survey, which is divided into three sections. A PDF version of the full survey was available for download. The survey was completed on-line.

Required fields: the survey forms have a number of required fields. If you are unable to provide data, please indicate n/a rather than trying to leave the field blank.

A. Administrative Questions

B. Design, Technical and Collections Questions

C. Marketing, Membership and Education Questions

(Responses where requested by March 15, 2005.)


If you have questions or comments please

Let us know if there are other areas you'd like us to survey in the future.



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