Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping: The Pittsburgh Project

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      School of Information Sciences

      in Recordkeeping

      Stimulated by intense interest in the archival and records management professions and supported by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences has conducted a research project to examine variables that affect the integration of recordkeeping requirements in electronic information systems. This project was intended to examine one means to rectify such problems. The major objectives of this research project were to develop a set of well-defined recordkeeping functional requirements -- satisfying all the various legal, administrative, and other needs of a particular organization -- which can be used in the design and implementation of electronic information systems. The project also proceeded to consider how the recordkeeping functions are affected by organizational policies, culture, and use of information technology standards, systems design, and implementation.

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      LITERARY WARRANT Supporting the Functional Requirements
      FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS for Evidence in Recordkeeping
      PRODUCTION RULES Version of the Functional Requirements
      METADATA SPECIFICATIONS Derived from the Functional Requirements
      Proposal, August 1993; rev. July 1994
      First Progress Report, September 1994
      Second Progress Report, March 1995
      Advisory Group of Experts Meeting: Summary Report, February 1996
      Annotated Bibliography on Electronic Records
      Project Publications
      PARTICIPANTSPanels of Experts
      Applications & Tests of the Functional Requirements
      Project Staff

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      Richard J. Cox
      Associate Professor
      School of Information Sciences
      Department of Library and Information Science
      University of Pittsburgh
      Pittsburgh, PA 15260

      Phone: 412/624-3245
      FAX: 412/648-7001

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