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CIDOC Multimedia Working Group
Multimedia Evaluation Criteria

Revised Draft, J. Trant, Chair, CIDOC Multimedia Working Group
Nuremberg, Germany
September 8-10,1997

The CIDOC Multimedia Working Group spent its meeting discussing the characteristics that make good museum multimedia. After an initial brainstorming session, in the first meeting, these were expressed in a series of questions that could be asked during the evaluation of a multimedia product [Kiosk, CD-ROM or Web site].

These are organised into the following sections:

The second meeting was spent applying the questions to a number of examples on CD or on the Web. Our final meeting was spent discussing the products and revising the questions. While the questions can apply to both Web and CD delivery formats, there are still many barriers to the delivery of true multimedia over the Web.

The group found these criteria valuable for structuring their analysis of multimedia products. The target user for these questions is a knowledgeable reviewer or designer of museum multimedia. The comments of colleagues not at the meeting are now being solicited to ensure that all concerns are reflected. The format of the questions and the manner of their expression still needs further refinement.

The group plans to repeat this experiment in Melbourne, at the 1998 ICOM meeting, and discuss the merit of developing an evaluation questionnaire that is more formal in nature. Between now and then, members of CIDOC are encouraged to apply these criteria to multimedia that they are creating or reviewing, and share their findings with the CIDOC disiscussion list [note: list offline January 2005; please send us your directly. ]

J. Trant
Chair Multimedia Working Group
Members at the Nuremburg CIDOC Meeting

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