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Published: March 1999.

Best of the Web

Best Online Exhibition


Guggenheim Museum's Cyberatlas exhibition

"CyberAtlas itself is fun to "open," a virtual-visceral reminder of opening the National Geographic atlas or spinning your illuminated globe with raised topographic features. Conceptually, it raises important issues for museums' online activities, shifting the ground from information about physical collections to what would it mean to curate, essentially, relationships. CyberAtlas not only invites guest curators to identify art projects and sites of interest anyhwere on the Internet, but it attempts to map the linkages between these sites thematically. As a pioneering effort to make sense of the Internet as something more than a hotlist or a search engine result list, CyberAtlas is not unlike Peter Walsh's keynote description of Renaissance maps as "illustrations of stories by travellers in symbolic space."
- Steve Dietz

"... The CyberAtlas project is very special as it is a combination of virtual exhibition, education and access to resources for education. ..."
- Kati Geber

Honorable Mention:

Haida Spirits of the Sea - Xaada Chaan Sgaanewaay

"... this has a very rich set of content that is thoughtfully architected and well- designed visually ... "
- Steve Dietz

"The story of a whole culture, integrating past and present. ... A lot of content, provision of different languages, result of collaboration (and not only between museums, but also local communities)."
- Maria Economou

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