April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Call for Participation

The MW program is built from the ground up, based on your suggestions. Proposals are encouraged on any topic related to museums creating, facilitating, delivering or participating in culture, science and heritage on-line.

Download the Call for Participation (PDF).


  • Proposals were due September 30, 2009 for papers, workshops, mini-workshops + professional forums (written paper required by Jan. 31, 2010)
  • Proposals are due December 31, 2009 for demonstrations (written paper optional)
  • All accepted papers must be submitted in written form, according to the Guidelines, by January 31, 2010.

Make a Proposal

Session Formats

Choose the right presentation format for your proposal. Even the best ideas can be rejected if proposed for an inappropriate venue.

  • Research?
    Propose a Paper, to be given in a formal session with other papers and discussion
  • Case Study?
    Present a Paper or a Demonstration, depending on whether you wish to emphasize generalizability (a paper), or your specific case (a demo)
  • Methods and Techniques?
    Teach others in a Pre-conference Workshops (full or half-day) or Mini-workshop (1 hr)
  • Debate or Problem Statement?
    Engage colleagues in a Professional Forum
  • Product to Show?
    Propose an Exhibit (commercial) or Demonstration (non-commercial)
  • Performance? Interaction? Service?
    Propose any other format of participation + explain how it works

See the description of session formats for further details.

Multiple Proposals

Please co-ordinate your proposals with your collaborators. Multiple proposals about the same project will not be successful. Proposals for sessions should be submitted as individual papers with a covering note. Each paper will be reviewed individually. Full sessions are rarely accepted.

Proposal Submission

Submit your proposal using our on-line form.

Proposal Review

MW2010 Program Committee and the MW2010 Co-Chairs will review all proposals and make selections for the conference program.

The Program Committee will communicate its decision by email to the address(es) given in your proposal. Successful proposers must return the Speaker Acceptance Form (PDF).

Acceptance may be conditional upon refining the proposal, and may require the submission of a revised abstract. The Committee may judge that a different format is more appropriate for the proposed content, e.g. a Demonstration rather than a formal Paper, and offer an alternative slot in the program.

The results of the Program Committee's review will be communicated by November 30, 2009.

The decision of the MW2010 Program Committee is final.

Written Papers

Written papers are required for all presentation types except Demonstrations and Workshops (where they may be optionally submitted).

Papers are due January 31, 2010, and must follow the Guidelines for Papers.

Meeting Registration

All paper presenters are expected to register for the full MW2010 conference and pay the appropriate fees. See the Registration page for details.

Further Details?

For more information contact the MW2010 Conference Co-Chairs
David Bearman + Jennifer Trant by e-mail to