Speaker: Eric Miller
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Eric Miller

11400 Branch Court
Fredricksburg VA
22408 USA

Eric Miller is the President of Zepheira where he leads strategy and implementation of open web standard solutions to integrate, navigate and manage information across the open web and the enterprise. Zepheira applies lightweight, but powerful knowledge sharing solutions to national libraries, governments, publishers, health care and life science organizations that share a need for more effective ways of integrate, reuse and remix data. Prior to founding Zepheira, Eric led the Semantic Web Initiative for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at MIT providing the architectural and technical leadership in the design and evolution of linking data on the Web. Eric previously held a Research Scientist position at MIT where he was a Principal Investigator on the SIMILE project focused on developing robust, open source tools that improve access, management and reuse among digital resources. Before joining W3C / MIT, Eric was a Senior Research Scientist at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and the co-founder and Associate Director of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

Eric will present Recollection: Building Communities for Distributed Curation and Data Sharing. [Paper]