Speaker: Fiona Romeo
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Fiona Romeo

Head of Digital Media
National Maritime Museum
Park Row
SE10 9NF United Kingdom

Fiona Romeo is Head of Digital Media at the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Her department is responsible for the museum’s website and digital marketing; mobile learning; interactive exhibits and digital displays; audio-visual production; and collections digitisation. Oh, and the massive green laser that traces the Prime Meridian across London’s night sky.

With a background in producing community platforms and multiplayer games for brands like the BBC and Disney, Fiona is particularly interested – right now – in producing distributed experiences that play against the context of a museum’s historic site and unique collections. Recent digital projects for the Royal Observatory’s astronomy enthusiasts, such as Astronomy Photographer of the Year and Solar Stormwatch, are developing the museum’s first substantial online community, with spin-off exhibits, planetarium shorts, and events.

Fiona is also chair of the Citizen Science Alliance, a collaboration of scientists, software developers and educators who collectively develop projects that further scientific research and the public understanding of both science and the scientific process. She’s a member of the Europeana task groups for API development and user participation, and was a friend of the Byron Review, a UK government-commissioned review that set the agenda for child safety in relation to the internet and video games.

Fiona will present Flickr as platform: Astronomy Photographer of the Year. [Paper]