Speaker: Ari Davidow
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Ari Davidow

Director of Online Strategy
Jewish Women's Archive
138 Harvard St.
Brookline MA
02467 USA

Ari Davidow is Director for Online Strategy at the Jewish Womens Archive, a virtual archive for the 21st century, based in Brookline, MA. He has been working with online community for 20 years, including almost two decades as a moderator in the pioneering online community, the WELL, and as moderator of other online communities, mailing lists, blogs and websites. As a publishing technologist, Davidow was responsible for early publishing standards and online archives at Addison-Wesley, as well as for their early online presence. Davidow also taught online for a decade at the New School for Social Research Graduate Media Studies Department. In his spare time, Davidow is proprietor of the KlezmerShack website, http://www.klezmershack.com and the Hebrew Type blog, http://www.ivritype.com/hebrew

Ari will present Fedora, Drupal, and Cloud Computing for a low-cost, sustainable DAM. [Paper]
Ari will demonstrate Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. [Demonstration]