April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Demonstrations: Description

Joe Fafard at the National Gallery of Canada

Ashish Bhagrath, National Gallery of Canada, Canada
Corey Timpson, Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada

In 2008, The National Gallery of Canada and its partners, the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection collaborated with the Canadian Heritage Information Network on a project to document this marvelous exhibition of paintings and drawings by one of Canada's greatest and best-loved artists, Joe Fafard.

The result of this collaboration will launch in spring 2009, as part of a comprehensive redesign of the Virtual Museum of Canada.

The primary goal of the project was to advance the state of the art in 3-dimensional imaging - to refine and perfect this as a technology for use by CHIN members in digitizing exhibitions, thereby making them accessible across the county, and for future generations.

In our demonstration, we will showcase the results of this innovative project, which introduces new technologies for both interactive panoramic and object imaging, as well as a new model for integrating clips from a pre-existing audio-guide to the web medium.

Demonstration: Demonstrations 2 [Close Up]

Keywords: digitization, 3-dimensional imaging, exhibition, audio-guide